No need to call a mechanic!

Ever wanted to live in an auto body shop? Cook yourself a meal near motor oil? Or curl up on the couch after installing a tire?

Because, in a way, that is exactly what this home provides.

In Iowa, this car-fanatic home sits on a 16 acre lot, has a huge shop/garage space, designed to the nines, yet only has three bedrooms.

Once you enter the main part of the home, the automotive theming simmers out a bit. The cathedral ceilings invite so much sunlight against the wooden accents. 

This home loves its natural light! Also see the sunroom:

I like calling this space “The Hall of Games” because it’s a very long room with plenty of activities and a bar at the end.

And on the main floor, we also have …this actual Hot Tub Time Machine.

The slanted ceiling and windows frame the centerpiece (the indoor hot tub) against some of the most egregious carpet I’ve ever seen. It’s like we’ve reentered the 90’s! They’ve got (at least) three big-screen TVs surrounding the hot tub (never miss a game!) and two outdoor pool lounge chairs.

Ever wanted more washing machines? Or a few more dryers?

This house only has three bedrooms, but you’ve got a washer and dryer for each suite.

Speaking of bedrooms, the primary bedroom stands out above the rest:

What’s with the lavender carpet? The wooden structure on the ceiling? All those hats?

At least, the purple is a theme that carries over to the primary en suite. Though, that tile looks like they let their 5 y/o go ham with a permanent marker. 

It’s a mighty home with unique features and a dream for car lovers. Would any of you incorporate your hobby/job into your home like this?

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