Porter Stanley
February 23, 2024

Million Dollar Listing star Josh Flagg is reuniting with his former reality show co-stars James Harris and David Parnes. Parnes and Harris, who left the Bravo show in 2022 after seven seasons, are joining the roster of real-estate-focused Estate Media. The media and entertainment company —  co-founded last year by Flagg, Griffin O’Brien and Andrew Shanfeld — brings together top agents and digital creators who focus on real estate in a talent network that distributes podcasts, newsletter and video and social content.

At Estate Media, Parnes and Harris have entered into an agreement to develop original content, while the media company will also oversee the celebrity real-estate agents’ newsletter and podcast, The Blueprint (which has featured guests including Selling Sunset‘s Jason Oppenheim and Million Dollar Listing‘s Tracy Tutor and covered such topics as “How to Brand Yourself in Real Estate” and “How To Get More Eyes on Your Listing.”)

“When we launched The Blueprint,” said Ben Teller, co-founder of The Blueprint newsletter and podcast, in a statement, “it was the first-of-its-kind in the real estate space. We were able to build a super engaged, loyal audience that trusted us to deliver the news and insight they needed to be better agents. Now, we’re really excited to bring The Blueprint under the Estate Media umbrella and expand all of our offerings to agents across the country.”

Harris and Parnes added, “Our goal from day one has always been to educate and inspire agents, and now with Estate Media we have more opportunities to do just that.” As the founders of Bond Street Partners, the agents have sold more than $4 billion in residential real estate in the last decade.

Imagine waking up in your sprawling $85,000,000 estate at 107 Delfern Drive, nestled in the Beverly Crest neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. This is not just any day; it's the perfect day at The Reserve, your 21,000 square foot architectural masterpiece set on two ultra-private acres in the heart of Holmby Hills. Your morning begins with the gentle California sun filtering through the vast floor-to-ceiling windows of your 11,000-square-foot Main House, greeting you with uninterrupted views of lush forestry and immaculate landscaping.

After a leisurely breakfast in your Italian-finished kitchen, you decide to take a stroll through your gardens, admiring the swaying palm trees and the serene ambiance that your secluded oasis offers. The tranquility of the morning is exactly what you need to rejuvenate. Feeling energized, you head to your state-of-the-art fitness studio gymnasium for a workout, followed by a refreshing swim in your 15-meter swimming pool. The water is just the right temperature, and as you swim, you can't help but feel grateful for this slice of paradise.

By midday, you're ready to entertain. Guests are arriving for a tennis match on your full-sized court, complete with a grand pavilion for spectating. The game is friendly but competitive, and the laughter and cheer add to the day's joy. After the match, you retreat to your Art Deco Hollywood-inspired bar for cocktails, enjoying the camaraderie and the stunning views of your estate. As the sun begins to set, you decide it's movie night. Your 1920s French regency-style cinema is the perfect setting for screening classic films. With plush seating and state-of-the-art sound, it's like stepping back into the Golden Age of Hollywood. The movie experience is enhanced by the nostalgia of the setting, making for a memorable evening.

The day concludes with a dinner party in your dining room, where the conversation flows as freely as the wine from your wine room. The Italian finishes and soaring ceilings of the Main House add an air of elegance to the gathering, making your guests feel like they're part of something truly special. As the evening winds down, you retreat to your tranquil study, reflecting on the day. The Reserve, with its exceptional vision of modernist architecture and unrivaled amenities, has once again proven to be not just a home, but a lifestyle—a sanctuary for both entertaining and intimate family life. Here, in the heart of Holmby Hills, you've found a place where every day feels ideal.

What’s To Love?

Architectural Significance: The Reserve stands as a monument of modernist architecture amidst the traditional landscapes of Holmby Hills, offering a unique blend of design and luxury.

Secluded Oasis: Set on two ultra-private acres, surrounded by lush forestry and meticulous landscaping, this property promises an unrivaled level of privacy and serenity.

Expansive Living Spaces: With a total of 21,000 square feet, including a 10,000-square-foot guest house, the estate offers ample space for both grand entertaining and comfortable living.

Luxury Amenities: From an Art Deco inspired bar, a 1920s French regency-style cinema, to a full-sized tennis court and 15-meter swimming pool, the amenities are unparalleled.

Design and Craftsmanship: Recently refined by top designers and international craftsmen, every detail of the home reflects the highest standards of quality and luxury.

Intimate Family Life: Despite its grandeur, The Reserve has been carefully designed to serve as a warm and inviting family home, blending spacious entertainment areas with cozy, private spaces.

Iconic Location: Located in the heart of Holmby Hills, one of Los Angeles' most prestigious neighborhoods, offering both seclusion and easy access to the city's best amenities.

About Beverly Crest, Los Angeles, California

Prestigious Location: Set in the heart of Los Angeles, Beverly Crest is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, offering breathtaking views of the city and a tranquil retreat from the urban hustle.

Luxurious Estates: Home to some of the most opulent properties in Los Angeles, including estates like The Reserve at 107 Delfern Drive, which epitomizes architectural magnificence and unmatched privacy.

Elite Education: Access to top-rated educational institutions, such as Warner Avenue Elementary, ensures that residents' educational needs are met with the highest standards.

Private Lifestyle: Designed for those who value privacy, Beverly Crest's secluded properties offer a sanctuary amidst lush landscapes and gated estates.

Entertainment and Leisure: With amenities like private tennis courts, home theaters reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood, and bespoke fitness and spa facilities, residents can indulge in leisure and entertainment without leaving the comfort of their estate.

Cultural and Social Scene: Proximity to Los Angeles' vibrant cultural and social scene, including exclusive shopping, fine dining, and art galleries, caters to a refined lifestyle.

Architectural Diversity: The neighborhood boasts a variety of architectural styles, from modernist marvels like The Reserve to traditional and contemporary estates, offering aesthetic pleasure and a sense of uniqueness.

Natural Beauty: Surrounded by the natural beauty of California, residents enjoy immaculate landscaping, palm-lined streets, and easy access to outdoor activities and scenic spots.