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Glennda’s Guru

Subscribe and stay tuned each week for all the wisdom, insights, and insider secrets as Glennda Baker “keeps it real” with agents, brokers, and content experts on what it really takes to be successful in the real estate industry and the steps required to get there.

Rise Above The Ranks: A Real Estate Podcast

Rise Above The Ranks is a real estate podcast hosted by James Harris and David Parnes, dedicated to helping you elevate your game as a real estate agent. Each week, they will take one pressing topic or issue facing real estate agents everywhere and will tell you exactly what you should know about it. An added bonus, they’re going to share stories from their experience and give you the advice they wish their younger selves could’ve heard, so you don’t make the same mistakes they made.

The Standouts

Join luxury realtor Aaron Grushow as he sits down with industry icons like Glennda Baker and Ricky Carruth to share invaluable insights on thriving in the real estate market and building a digital empire. Hear candid anecdotes and hard-earned wisdom in each episode of The Standouts.