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What goals are driving your growth?

If you haven’t made the time to define your key priorities for the new year, take a page out of luxury agent and Denver market expert Stuart Crowell’s book: Focus on your big four. 

His foolproof planning process breaks big goals down into four simple categories, then positions each priority as one you’re actively achieving. It’s a mindset shift that generates momentum and keeps your biggest goals front and center throughout the year. 

With interest rates dropping and competition cooling, 2024 has the potential to be a momentum-building one for agents, investors, builders, and industry partners—if your goals are clear and your focus is targeted.


 🔊Today’s Top Podcast Rec:

What does 2024 have going for it? The Federal Reserve is talking about cutting rates as early as March, home affordability is likely on the rise, and inventory is positioned to surge. Check out Scott’s latest Real Estate Report for a full breakdown of what’s coming—and how you can capitalize on it.


Threats trigger major leadership change

In a significant and surprising development, National Association of Realtors (NAR) President Tracy Kasper has resigned. The unexpected leadership change comes shortly after Kasper received threats to reveal a “past personal, non-financial matter,” unless she left her role. Kasper initially reported the threat to law enforcement and refused to give up her presidency, but earlier this week, announced her resignation would be in the best interest of the leadership team and NAR as a whole. 

  • This resignation is part of several recent leadership changes at NAR, including the resignation of former President Kenny Parcell in August due to a sexual harassment scandal, and the departure of CEO Bob Goldberg and Talent Development head Donna Gland. 

  • NAR is currently addressing challenges related to its toxic workplace complaints and the fallout of the Sitzer/Burnet lawsuit verdict.


The Friday Five

📖 ‘Silver Tsunami’. Millions of boomers are on the brink of retirement. Here’s how that impacts your real estate potential. 

👀 $55M price cut. Is this recently restored Bel Air mansion a steal of a deal?

👀 High-pile problems. What happens when carpet is wall-to-wall and counter-to-counter.

💡Homes.com. Glennda’s take on the best home search portal for agents and consumers. 

💡Hedge funds. Three reasons home prices haven’t dropped—and what Washington’s doing about it.


We’re bringing you even more weird, wild, and wacky

Homes.tastrophes—formerly Zillowtastrophes—is partnering with Homes.com in a year-long collaboration to deliver even more offbeat listings and peculiar properties. If you’re a fan of underground bunkers, hippie hot tubs, completely unhinged castles, indoor crystal-clad pyramids, and more unbelievable features, Homes.tastrophes has you covered. Check Out Jess’ Latest Home Tours.


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