Lake People

Oh hi! I’m Paige Wassel. WAS the Newsletter is your weekly dose of design inspiration, where we say yes to Michigan.

As you guys know, this month I partnered with to highlight real estate listings I love in various cities across the country. For the big finale, instead of writing about the great places I’ve found, I’ve made a video to show you them instead.

I’m psyched to highlight another area that I LOVE, namely Michigan. Not only did I grow up spending summers here, but I also went to school here, parka jacket and all. You’ll note that at no point in the following video do I point to my palm where these towns are located, and that speaks to my heroic self-restraint. I also don’t really know the geography of this state but hey, here we are. So let’s get to the Great Lakes, great times.

If you want a better look, here are the links to the listings I’ve featured:

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The last round of my pillows are dropping on Sunday! They’re the best batch yet and they’re gonna go FAST, so be ready.

When do they launch? This Sunday, April 7th.

WWW.WASTHESTORE.COM — hoping to go live around 11AM PDT❤️ 

WE HEART PILLOWS! What kind of pillows do you want? Because that’s the kind we have. We’ll be releasing standard bed pillows, bolster pillows, mini pillows, square pillows, and lumbar pillows. Pillows for pillow-fighting, pillows for hugging, pillows for screaming into, pillows for your pets to sit on so they look like GD kings and queens. Look at this one, look at that one, are you kidding me? It’s an embarrassment of riches, pillow-style.

Here’s how the pillow drop went last time:


Sherwin Williams: Rockwood Dark Red

Finish: Any

Room Light Level: Mid to low