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On this episode of The Standouts, Aaron chats with Troy Osterberg, a close friend and successful content creator, known for his authenticity and massive online following. Troy shares his journey into content creation and his process, noting that maintaining his real, offline persona online has been key to his success.

They touch on his dating advice series, how he’s started to get recognized in public, and how he uses text messages to connect with his fans! Additionally, Troy reveals his plans to develop an app for enhancing communication between creators and their followers. Between Aaron and Troy, they share insightful perspectives on trends and future directions in content creation, as well as useful tips for budding creators.


Guest Bio:

Troy Osterberg is an actor and content creator, known for his roles in Colossal Youth, Below Deck Deceit, and My Killer Client. He’s amassed more than 1 million followers on TikTok, and spends his time professionally creating content and managing his personal brand. 

Guest Quote

“I had thousands of people’s numbers, which was really cool. And I would text them every day, just to kind of build that relationship.  And then, as I would post TikTok videos, I would take the video, put it in my text messages and just blast it out. So, within minutes, I had thousands of kids watching it, as opposed to posting it online and letting it take its course. I kind of cheated the system in a way, and I told so many people about it. I was like, ‘guys, you gotta get on this app.’”

Time Stamps:

  • * (01:06) Being authentic online
  • * (03:54) Quantity creates quality
  • * (06:40) Treating your audience like family
  • * (08:38) Troy’s advice for beginners
  • * (12:00) Troy’s life offline
  • * (14:42) Unexpected responses to content
  • * (17:20) Inspiring your audience
  • * (21:50) Creating content to hack your own life 
  • * (23:28) Send your audience a text!
  • * (25:59) What’s next for TikTok?
  • * (29:00) What’s next for Troy?
  • * (31:49) Troy’s role models

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