As the sun peeks over the horizon, you awaken in your Alys Beach Modernist Marvel, a realm of tranquility crafted by the renowned architect Bill Ingram. You slip out of the plush covers of your expansive primary suite, the double-height ceilings adding a note of grandeur to the start of your day. Your en-suite bathroom, adorned in solid marble, awaits you for a refreshing morning routine. Post shower, the hand-troweled Venetian plaster walls reflect the early morning light, adding a soothing calmness to the space. You descend the architectural staircase, each step a testament to the sophisticated design elements that permeate your home. The scent of coffee brewing greets you as you make your way to the finely appointed chef's kitchen. With its solid slab marble countertops and stainless Gaggenau appliances, it's a joy preparing breakfast. As you savor your meal, the natural light floods through the floor to ceiling glass windows, and the built-in masonry fireplace adds warmth to the crisp morning air. Post breakfast, you retreat to your spacious office overlooking the entryway. It's an inspiring place to focus, with the peaceful ambiance of your beach retreat providing the perfect backdrop for work or creativity. As the day warms, you leave work behind and step into the iconic courtyard entrance. Here, the serene courtyard pool is an oasis of calm, where you dive in for a mid-day swim under the brilliant blue sky. The louvered shutters yield ample privacy while permitting the refreshing sea breeze to permeate the inner courtyard space.

By evening, you head to your expansive outdoor entertaining area on the third level. The private rooftop pool shimmers under the setting sun. You invite friends over for a rooftop barbeque, the space accentuated by a western-facing outdoor fire pit & lounge. As the sunset paints the sky with vibrant hues, you all bask in the marvel of Alys Beach's architectural surroundings, the tranquil sound of water, and the joy of camaraderie. Nightfall invites you to your formal sitting area for a glass of wine, the masonry fireplace providing a cozy ambiance. The retractable accordion doors are opened to let in the nighttime symphony of the sea nearby. As the day draws to a close, you find solace in the serenity of your home, your very own retreat within the vibrant heart of Alys Beach. This, you realize, is more than a day in a life – it's a lifestyle that embodies tranquility, sophistication, and luxury in equal measure. And it's all yours, right here, at the Alys Beach Modernist Marvel.

What’s To Love?

What's not to love about the Alys Beach Modernist Marvel? This extraordinary home, a masterstroke by acclaimed architect Bill Ingram, radiates a harmony of modernist architecture and sophisticated interior design, curated by Mary Clark, ensuring a living experience that is nothing short of sublime. One of the home's standout features is its generous living space. At 5,152 sqft, the property is designed for both grand entertaining and tranquil living. Floor to ceiling glass windows provide an unending flood of natural light throughout, enhancing the home's expansive feel and lending it an ethereal charm.

The kitchen, a sleek manifestation of form and function, boasts a gas range, stainless Gaggenau appliances, solid slab marble countertops, and a built-in masonry fireplace, creating an inviting space for culinary creations. An adjacent butler's pantry with ample storage and modern appliances such as a steam oven adds to the kitchen's allure, making it a chef's dream. The property offers a private office overlooking the stunning entryway, offering an inspiring space for work or contemplation. The primary suite, with its soaring double height ceilings and spa-like en-suite bathroom, provides a perfect sanctuary of relaxation.

Privacy and exclusivity are inherent in the home's design. Louvered shutters throughout the property offer a sense of seclusion without sacrificing natural light, and the home's spacious layout includes an additional four bedroom suites, each with their own en-suite bathrooms, providing ample room for family or guests. Perhaps one of the most captivating features is the iconic courtyard entrance, boasting a serene pool and tranquil ambiance. The third-level western-facing fire pit & lounge, private rooftop pool, and loggia offer a unique outdoor entertaining space, allowing for unrivaled sunset viewing and endless summer cocktails.

The property's location within Alys Beach is another highlight. With just steps away from the main beach access and the new owner exclusive Alys Beach Club, it offers a perfect balance between serenity and vibrant community life. World class dining, boutique shopping, private Zuma fitness center, and Caliza Pool are all within easy reach, offering a resort-like lifestyle right at your doorstep. Imbued with light, space, and tranquility, the Alys Beach Modernist Marvel offers an unparalleled living experience, coupling architectural grandeur with the finest interior details and premium location. This home, indeed, is a testament to the elegant harmony of luxury living and contemporary design.

About Alys Beach, Florida:

Alys Beach, situated on Florida's illustrious Gulf Coast, is a gem of luxurious coastal living. Combining the tranquil allure of white sand beaches with the sophistication of a planned community, it offers an unmatched lifestyle of serenity, convenience, and enjoyment. As an architectural lover's paradise, Alys Beach is a masterstroke of new urbanism, where every structure and amenity is designed with grace, functionality, and aesthetic harmony in mind. The iconic white masonry of the homes, designed to emulate the romantic coastal towns of Bermuda and Antigua, serve as a stunning backdrop to your everyday life, evoking a sense of living in a perennial work of art.

Alys Beach is known for its vibrant social scene, offering world-class dining and boutique shopping, making it a playground for the affluent. There are numerous high-end restaurants featuring everything from exquisite seafood dishes to international cuisine, and the shopping venues cater to a discerning clientele with an array of luxury brands. The private Zuma fitness center, the Caliza Pool, and the exclusive Alys Beach Club provide an array of leisure and recreational options. From fitness classes to lounging by the pool, the opportunities for relaxation and entertainment are abundant.

A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, Alys Beach offers pristine nature trails for morning jogs or leisurely strolls. The shimmering blue waters of the Gulf are just steps away from your door, making beachside lounging, swimming, or paddleboarding an easily accessible daily activity. The community hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year, ranging from concerts to wine festivals, giving residents a rich social and cultural life. The pedestrian-friendly layout fosters a sense of community, while the extensive curated grounds offer serene spaces for reflection and relaxation.

Moreover, Alys Beach's prime location on the east end of scenic Highway 30A provides easy access to neighboring communities and attractions along the Emerald Coast, making it an ideal base for exploring the region. With its unrivaled combination of beauty, luxury, and community spirit, Alys Beach offers a lifestyle that a wealthy suitor would find hard to resist. It's not just about buying a home; it's about investing in a lifestyle of tranquility, enjoyment, and sophistication, providing a true sanctuary for those seeking the pinnacle of coastal living.

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