The soft morning sun filters through the trees as you wake up in your architectural marvel, the masterpiece originally birthed by A. Quincy Jones and brought to a modern zenith by Ome Dezin. You rise, leaving the comfort of your plush bedroom, with its perfect balance of mid-century aesthetics and contemporary design, drawing you into another day in your Los Angeles sanctuary.

You open the wide sliding doors and step out into your personal Eden. The soft chirping of birds greets you as you make your way through the verdant grounds. The scent of damp earth is lingering in the air from the rain last night, making everything feel refreshed and anew. The waterfall's mesmerizing cascade beckons you, its 40-foot rush a tranquil symphony that sets the tone for the day.

After a morning stroll through the lush gardens, you head to the kitchen, a paradise for culinary enthusiasts. The garden's vibrant hues shine through the windows, and you can't help but admire your La Cornue stove – a work of art and function combined. The gleam of Miele appliances catches your eye, and you decide to whip up a gourmet breakfast. Perhaps something steamed, given the luxury of having a Miele steam oven at your disposal.

After breakfast, perhaps you'll invite some friends over. The vastness of your oasis can accommodate both intimate and grand gatherings. You imagine the pool, shimmering under the midday sun, as friends and family lounge around, soaking up the California sun. Maybe a late afternoon barbecue or an alfresco lunch, given the scenery that your estate provides.

As the afternoon wanes, you retreat to the spa, the sauna beckoning for some relaxation. The day winds down as the shadows dance, and the estate transforms under the golden hue of the setting sun.

After dinner, perhaps taken outside amidst the tranquil sounds of the waterfall, you head downstairs to the lower level, where you could watch a movie or simply lounge and enjoy the peace of your abode. With night settling in, the dance of shadows becomes more pronounced, a gentle reminder of the harmony of nature and architecture in your home.

As you retreat to your bedroom, you can't help but feel gratitude. Owning this house isn't just about luxury; it's about experiencing art, nature, and unparalleled design every single day. As the modern amenities keep you grounded in the present, the timeless design touches your soul, ensuring every day here is not just lived, but cherished.

What’s To Love?

Architectural Legacy: A collaboration of genius – originally crafted by the iconic A. Quincy Jones and reborn through the visionary redesign by Ome Dezin.

Naturescape Awaits: Experience serenity with the estate's own 40-foot waterfall; a tranquil symphony that harmonizes with the surrounding natural beauty.

Luxurious Living: Six spacious bedrooms strategically spread across three levels, ensuring utmost privacy and comfort.

SecuriChef's Delight: A state-of-the-art kitchen graced with high-end Miele appliances, complemented by the show-stopping La Cornue stove, making culinary adventures an everyday luxury.

Integrated Tech: Equipped with Wifi6, a wired camera system, an access control system, and built-in speakers throughout for modern, seamless living.

Spa Day, Every Day: Luxuriate in the property's spa and sauna amenities, perfect for unwinding and recharging amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

Outdoor Paradise: Lounge and entertain in the meticulously landscaped grounds, featuring a redesigned pool, spa, and verdant gardens – creating a canvas of color and life right in your backyard.

Security and Privacy: Nestled within a gated compound, providing peace of mind and an exclusive enclave away from the outside world.

Marrying Eras: A seamless blend of Mid-Century charm with the finesse of contemporary design, providing a unique and elevated living experience.

Prime Location: Situated in Los Angeles, this property isn't just a home, but an escape right in the heart of the city.

About Los Angeles, California

Epicenter of Entertainment: As the global hub for film and television, enjoy exclusive premieres, private screenings, and rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities at the finest venues.

Gourmet Galore: Relish exquisite dining experiences at a myriad of Michelin-starred restaurants, helmed by world-renowned chefs and offering panoramic views of the city.

Shop in Style: Traverse the iconic Rodeo Drive, a playground for luxury shopping, where flagship boutiques and designer brands await the discerning shopper.

Cultural Cornucopia: Dive deep into the arts with renowned institutions like the Getty Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), and the Broad Museum, showcasing some of the world's most coveted art collections.

Coastal Elegance: Luxuriate on private beaches, or take a yacht out from Marina del Rey for an unparalleled ocean experience.

Elevated Nightlife: Exclusive membership clubs, rooftop bars, and VIP lounges offer elite nightlife experiences, with the city's skyline as your backdrop.

Pristine Greens: Perfect your golf swing at some of the country's most prestigious golf courses, or indulge in a leisurely game of tennis at private clubs.

Holistic Wellness: Benefit from world-class health and wellness retreats, spas, and gyms, frequented by the elite and designed for holistic rejuvenation.

Estate Enclaves: Discover the opulence of neighborhoods like Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, and the Hollywood Hills, where architectural marvels and sprawling estates dominate.

Connectivity and Convenience: Boasting multiple private airports, helipads, and a central location, LA offers seamless connections to other major cities and luxurious getaways.