The dawn light filters through the 30-year-old trees that stand sentinel around your Beverly Hills mansion. As you awake in your sprawling estate, nestled safely behind nature's curtain, the serenity and sheer luxury of the surroundings gently pull you into a new day.

Starting with a morning routine seems almost mundane in a space like this. You stroll through Riviera Bronze doors, feeling the smooth touch of decadent imported woods beneath your feet. The hand-plastered walls, a testament to craftsmanship, whisper tales of meticulous attention to detail. Venturing into the dream kitchen, you're met with the aroma of fresh coffee brewing. Perhaps you'll take your breakfast in the adjoining family area, where natural light bathes the room, reflecting off the impeccable surfaces.

Post breakfast, it's time for a quick match. Stepping outside, where automated steel and glass walls have given way to an expansive paradise, the fully-lit championship tennis court beckons. The intensity of the match is matched only by the beauty of your surroundings, with the French blue plastered pool shimmering invitingly in the background.

Having worked up a sweat, you retreat to your athlete's dream gym. After a workout session, the adjoining spa bath and massage room promise restoration. As skilled hands work their magic, you're transported to a realm of relaxation, the oversized marble slabs of the spa around you radiating opulence.

Lunchtime approaches. The full-service outdoor kitchen comes to life as a private chef prepares a gourmet meal. You dine al fresco in the cabana, which offers both outdoor living and dining. The meal concludes with a fine wine, selected from your private wine room.

Afternoon beckons a movie experience in your cinema-grade theater. Post-film, you might retreat to the mocha ash-stained library, a literary haven where hours could be whiled away amidst first editions and cherished tomes.

As evening falls, the massive living room calls out. You host a few close friends, and the marble bar becomes the centerpiece. Laughter, conversation, and the clinking of glasses echo off the high ceilings, crowned by the art deco bronze skylight.

As the evening winds down, you ascend to your 2,000sf primary suite. Stepping out onto the 900sf private balcony, the sprawling grounds below are a sight to behold under the moonlight. The tranquility is only disturbed by the distant sounds from the Beverly Hills Hotel, reminding you of the privileged proximity you enjoy.

Sleep comes easily, knowing the advanced security system stands guard. As you drift off, it's clear that in this Beverly Hills haven, every day is not just lived but celebrated.

What’s To Love?

Secluded Serenity: Nestled behind a grove of 30-year-old trees, experience ultimate privacy down a 130-foot bluestone driveway.

Architectural Marvel: Immaculately designed by renowned architects, boasting Riviera Bronze doors/windows and a mesmerizing blend of imported stones and woods.

Grandeur Entry: Step inside through a sleek, piano-black lacquered door into a 33-foot high foyer, crowned by a captivating art deco bronze skylight.

Culinary Dream: A kitchen that beckons the inner chef in you, coupled with a dedicated catering kitchen and an iconic marble bar – ideal for grand soirées.

Entertainment Oasis: Enjoy a cinema-grade theater for movie nights and a lavish dining room to host opulent dinner parties.

Masterful Suites: A sprawling 2,000sf primary suite with twin spa-like bathrooms, vast closets, and a 900sf private balcony offering a tranquil retreat.

Guest Delight: House your guests in style with spacious bedroom suites, all boasting walk-in closets and upscale amenities.

Athletic Excellence: An in-house gymnasium to rival professional setups, complete with spa bath and massage room, ensuring wellness is always within reach.

Outdoor Paradise: Revel in resort-like grounds with a zero-edge French blue plastered pool, spa, cabana, outdoor kitchen, and two powder rooms. Plus, rinse off with an outdoor shower post-tennis match from your championship court.

Modern Conveniences: With a state-of-the-art Crestron smart home system, elevator, and advanced security, your estate is the epitome of modern luxury.

Vehicle Vault: A six-car garage ensures your automotive treasures are housed as opulently as you are.

Premier Proximity: A stone's throw from the Beverly Hills Hotel, you're at the heart of luxury, with the world's finest amenities at your fingertips.

About Beverly Hills, California:

Iconic Rodeo Drive: Stroll the world's most luxurious shopping district, home to exclusive brands and bespoke shopping experiences, where personal shoppers curate high-fashion ensembles for the discerning elite.

Gourmet Galore: Relish in fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, with culinary masterpieces prepared by globally renowned chefs, set in atmospheres exuding opulence.

Exquisite Estates: Meander through tree-lined avenues adorned with palatial homes that epitomize architectural grandeur and bespoke design, making Beverly Hills the playground for the world's elite.

Private Clubs & Retreats: Gain access to some of the world’s most exclusive private clubs and spas, offering unparalleled luxury, privacy, and bespoke services tailored to the whims of the elite.

Cultural Richness: Explore the myriad of art galleries, theaters, and museums celebrating global and contemporary art, often with private viewings available for high-profile patrons.

Prestigious Polo: Spend a leisurely afternoon at the Will Rogers Polo Club, savoring the sport of kings against the backdrop of California's golden sun.

Elite Networking: Attend galas, exclusive events, and private parties where business magnates, Hollywood stars, and international royalty come together, providing ample opportunities to forge influential connections.

Greens & Fairways: Tee off at the historic and members-only Los Angeles Country Club or Bel-Air Country Club, where golf is more than a game – it's an experience in luxury.

Top-tier Education: Renowned for its prestigious private schools and academies, offering world-class education and myriad extracurricular opportunities tailored for the next generation of leaders.

Historical Landmarks: Revel in the city's rich history with landmarks like Greystone Mansion and The Beverly Hills Trolley Tour, providing an intimate glimpse into the opulent past.

Safety & Security: Benefit from one of the most well-funded and responsive police departments in the country, ensuring peace of mind in an oasis of luxury.

World-class Healthcare: Access top medical professionals and state-of-the-art health centers, ensuring the pinnacle of care for you and your loved ones.