As the first light of dawn casts a silvery hue over Flathead Lake, you're awakened by the serene symphony of gentle waves lapping against the shore. Rising from the luxurious comforts of your plush bed, you pull back the curtains of your master bedroom and are greeted by an expanse of tranquil blue. The very sight invigorates you, reminding you of the paradise you call home.

You make your way to the grandiose great room, and as you step onto the cool, polished floors, the spectacle of the 'avalanche' rock fireplace captivates your senses. Boulders appear to cascade from the ceiling, converging into a roaring fire below. You feel an immediate connection with nature's raw beauty as you're encompassed by this architectural marvel.

Choosing to fully embrace the morning's serenity, you slide open the expansive glass panels, which seamlessly retract into stone walls, blurring the lines between your indoor haven and the great outdoors. The cool morning air fills the space, mingling with the warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee that you've just prepared in your state-of-the-art kitchen.

With your favorite mug in hand, you stroll out to your private lakefront, a sprawling 520 feet of pristine shoreline that beckons you for a quiet moment of reflection. Each sip of your drink, paired with the gentle sounds of nature, further deepens your sense of peace.

As the sun climbs higher, you decide to entertain a few close friends. They're welcomed into the cozy warmth of your home, each fireplace bearing its distinctive stone and steel signature, setting the tone for an intimate gathering. Laughter and conversations fill the space as you make your way downstairs. The luxurious entertainment area, complete with a fully stocked bar and pool table, becomes the day's hub of activity. Friendly competition ensues, as tales of past adventures and plans for future escapades are exchanged.

Post-lunch, you all retreat to the updated theater, the plush seats cradling everyone as a favorite classic film unfolds on the screen. The cinematic experience, enhanced by the sophisticated design of the theater, leaves everyone enthralled.

As evening approaches, your guests are treated to a sumptuous meal prepared in the gourmet kitchen, where every culinary creation is a testament to luxury and sophistication. The day draws to a close with a toast, glasses raised high against the backdrop of a mesmerizing sunset over Flathead Lake.

What’s To Love?

Stunning Lakefront Views: Boasting a staggering 520 ft of pristine lake frontage, offering panoramic vistas of Flathead Lake's tranquil beauty.

Architectural Excellence: Conceived by Orlan Sorensen of Landmark Builders, this 2009 marvel underwent a fresh interior design revamp in 2023, ensuring contemporary elegance.

The 'Avalanche' Fireplace: A masterful design centerpiece, featuring boulders that seem to tumble from the ceiling to the floor, creating a fireplace experience like no other.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition: Unique retractable sliding glass panels vanish completely into stone walls, effortlessly merging interior spaces with the natural beauty outside.

Opulent Entertaining Space: Descend to a luxurious area equipped with a full bar and pool table, perfect for both intimate gatherings and grand soirées.

Cinematic Experience: An updated theater room, ensuring movie nights at home rival those of a premier cinema.

Six Lavish Bedrooms: Including a private 2-bedroom guest apartment above the garage, ensuring guests experience utmost comfort. This space is complemented with a handy kitchenette and cozy living area.

Warmth Around Every Corner: Five distinct fireplaces, each showcasing its own blend of stone and steel design, ensuring a cozy ambiance regardless of the season.

Sprawling Space: A generous living area of 15,264 sqft set on a vast 5.85 acres, ensuring privacy and room for every luxury you can envision.

About Lakeside, Montana:

Prestigious Flathead Lakefront: Possess a coveted spot beside the pristine waters of Flathead Lake. Enjoy private boating excursions, elite yachting, or exclusive lakeside soirées against a backdrop of unmatched natural beauty.

Luxury Adventure Seasons: From private summer water sports with personal instructors to VIP skiing experiences in nearby Blacktail Mountain during winter, the outdoor luxe life is ever-present.

Secluded Sanctuary: Lakeside promises a private oasis away from the public eye, ideal for the discerning elite seeking tranquillity.

Awe-Inspiring Panoramas: Commanding views of majestic mountain ranges, untouched forests, and the crystal-clear lake are a daily luxury.

Elegant Dining Experiences: Relish in gourmet meals at upscale eateries that cater to a refined palate, with ingredients often sourced from local organic farms.

Private Community Events: Be part of an exclusive circle at elite events, private gallery openings, and closed-door performances, all emphasizing luxury and discretion.

Tailored Experiences: From personalized spa treatments to private helicopter rides over the valley, Lakeside offers customized experiences fitting the ultra-luxurious lifestyle.

Guided Nature Tours: Explore the wilderness with private guides, from bespoke horseback riding trails to one-on-one wildlife spotting adventures.

Proximity to World-Class Attractions: Enjoy a private tour of the nearby Glacier National Park, one of America's natural jewels, followed by a champagne lunch amidst alpine beauty.

Elite Fishing Expeditions: Embark on private fishing trips with top-tier guides, ensuring a premium angling experience.

Artistic Excellence: Access private viewings at art galleries, showcasing internationally renowned artists and exclusive art pieces.