Porter Stanley
October 25, 2023

The morning sun gently awakens you, its rays filtering through the canopy of mature Oaks and Redwoods that surround your Santa Barbara sanctuary. You stretch out in the plush comfort of your bed, taking a moment to appreciate the serenity that 930 Knollwood Dr offers. With over 3 acres of magical gardens, every day here feels like a retreat from the world.

Slipping into a soft robe, you make your way to the tall retractable walls of glass, effortlessly sliding them open. The indoor space seamlessly merges with the outdoors, allowing the fresh morning air and the subtle sounds of nature to fill your home. The scent of blooming flowers and fruit trees wafts in, invigorating your senses.

You decide to start your day with a stroll through the gardens. The enchanting pathways lead you past a myriad of vibrant plants, each one meticulously cared for and chosen to create a harmonious balance with the natural surroundings. As you walk, the powerful drama of the property's natural setting becomes evident, yet the pervasive serenity remains the dominant force.

Feeling refreshed, you head to the extensive outdoor kitchen to prepare a hearty breakfast. As you cook, you can't help but glance up every so often, captivated by the distant ocean views. The infinity pool glistens in the sunlight, its waters seeming to merge with the horizon.

After a leisurely breakfast, you decide to take a dip. The water is just the right temperature, and as you swim, you feel as though you're floating towards the ocean itself. The tranquility of the pool, combined with the vastness of the view, provides a moment of pure bliss.

Post-swim, you retreat to the large detached Guest House. Though it's designed to accommodate visitors, you often use it as a personal haven—a place to read, meditate, or simply relax. Today, you choose a book from the shelves and settle into a cozy nook, losing yourself in its pages.

As the afternoon sun begins its descent, casting a golden hue over the property, you decide to host a few close friends for an intimate dinner. The outdoor kitchen proves perfect for this, allowing you to cook while still engaging with your guests. Laughter and stories fill the air as you dine beneath the canopy of trees, the ambiance enhanced by the soft glow of strategically placed outdoor lighting.

Night falls, and the property transforms. The sounds of nocturnal creatures begin to emerge, and the stars twinkle brightly overhead. You and your friends gather around a fire pit, sharing tales and memories deep into the night.

Finally, as your guests depart and the embers of the fire die down, you retreat to your bedroom. The tall retractable walls of glass are closed once more, but the connection to nature remains palpable. Drifting off to sleep, you feel a deep sense of gratitude for the sanctuary that is 930 Knollwood Dr—a place where nature's drama and serenity coexist in perfect harmony.

What’s To Love?

Enchanting Private Sanctuary: Over 3 acres of meticulously curated gardens, offering a retreat-like atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle.

Majestic Trees: The property is adorned with mature Oaks, Redwoods, and fruit trees, creating a natural canopy and serene ambiance.

Innovative Design: Originally crafted by the acclaimed Lockwood de Forest, ensuring a unique and timeless architectural beauty.

Retractable Walls of Glass: These tall, transformative walls allow for a seamless blend of indoor comfort and the beauty of the outdoors.

Powerful Natural Drama: Despite the overwhelming serenity, the property's setting offers a captivating and dramatic connection to nature.

Detached Guest House: A spacious one-bedroom haven, perfect for accommodating guests or serving as a personal retreat.

Outdoor Kitchen Extravaganza: Extensively equipped, this space is ideal for gourmet cooking while enjoying the surrounding views.

Infinity Pool with a View: Dive into tranquility with an infinity pool that offers mesmerizing ocean views, making every swim a surreal experience.

Complete Privacy: Despite its expansive features and open design, the property ensures utmost privacy, making it a true sanctuary.

Ocean Glimpses: Strategically positioned to offer distant, yet captivating views of the ocean, adding to the property's allure.

About Santa Barbara, California

American Riviera: Often dubbed the "American Riviera," Santa Barbara boasts a Mediterranean climate, pristine beaches, and a backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains.

Luxury Real Estate: From historic estates to modern architectural masterpieces, Santa Barbara offers some of the most exclusive and sought-after properties on the West Coast.

Elite Wine Country: The nearby Santa Ynez Valley is home to world-class wineries and vineyards, perfect for private wine tastings and exclusive vineyard tours.

Gourmet Dining: A culinary haven with a range of upscale restaurants, offering everything from fresh seafood to international cuisines, often with ocean-view terraces.

Private Yachting: The Santa Barbara Harbor provides the perfect setting for yacht owners, with exclusive clubs and services catering to the maritime elite.

Cultural Richness: The historic Santa Barbara Mission, a testament to the city's rich history. High-end art galleries, theaters, and the renowned Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Polo & Golf: Home to the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club and elite golf courses, ensuring the affluent have ample recreational opportunities.

Boutique Shopping: Upscale shopping districts like Coast Village Road and State Street, offering luxury brands and bespoke services.

Secluded Beaches: Private and pristine beaches like Butterfly Beach, providing a serene escape for sunbathing and seaside relaxation.

Spa Retreats: World-class spa resorts offering rejuvenating treatments, wellness retreats, and holistic experiences.

Helicopter Tours: Explore the breathtaking coastline, vineyards, and mountains from the sky with private helicopter tours.

Equestrian Estates: For horse enthusiasts, Santa Barbara offers luxurious equestrian properties and trails, with the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean or rolling vineyards.