Awakening in your grand bedroom on La Gorce Island, you are immediately enveloped by the warm rays of the Florida sun and the tranquility of a home steeped in history yet punctuated by modern luxury. Stretching out, your feet touch the cool Brazilian oak flooring, a gentle reminder of the fine craftsmanship that surrounds you.

You begin your morning with a brisk walk down the dual grand staircases, each step echoing the storied pedigree of this Spanish Contemporary Estate. Stepping into the idyllic courtyard, the scent of blooming flowers and the gentle splash of fountains offer an instant serenity.

Hunger beckons, so you head into the chef's kitchen. Outfitted with the latest culinary technology and adorned in sleek design, it's a playground for your gastronomic creativity. Perhaps a fresh fruit smoothie or a gourmet breakfast using the finest local ingredients?

The day unfurls with limitless possibilities. You could host friends in the social salons, where laughter and conversation flow easily, amplified by the double-height ceilings. Or perhaps today calls for a more intimate gathering in the media lounge, for a film or two from your collection.

As the day heats up, the siren call of the 50-foot resort pool proves irresistible. Sunlight glints off the azure water, inviting you in for a refreshing dip. Adjacent to the pool, the hot tub beckons for a more soothing soak. If you're feeling more adventurous, the cold plunge promises an invigorating experience, followed by relaxation on the sun deck or perhaps a session in the sauna to sweat out the stresses of the week.

When lunchtime approaches, the outdoor cabana provides the perfect setting. With the ocean breezes from the 158 FT frontage and views of the expansive greenery, every meal feels like a luxurious escape.

As afternoon shifts to evening, you decide to retire to your palatial primary suite. It's more than just a bedroom; it's a sanctuary. The attached sitting room is perfect for some quiet reflection, while the statement marble bath beckons with promises of a soothing soak.

The evening culminates on your private terrace, attached to your suite. As you take in the view of the stars above and the gentle waves in the distance, you're reminded of the exclusivity and prestige of 64 La Gorce — a rare gem in a 24-hour patrolled enclave, a home where every day feels like a luxurious vacation.

What’s To Love?

  • Historical Legacy: Nestled on the prestigious La Gorce Island, this home carries a storied pedigree that blends seamlessly with modern luxury.

  • Grand Entrance: Dual grand staircases and arched doors set a majestic tone, leading you into a realm of elegance.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Revel in Brazilian oak flooring, double-height ceilings, and design details that speak to the home's Spanish Contemporary architecture.

  • Culinary Dream: A state-of-the-art chef's kitchen equipped with the finest appliances and an inviting design that beckons both novice cooks and gourmet chefs alike.

  • Entertainment Spaces: From the intimate bar room to the plush media lounge, the house caters to both grand gatherings and cozy movie nights.

  • Guest Haven: With 6 bedrooms including 2 privately accessed suites, guests will revel in luxury and privacy.Share

  • Primary Suite: An opulent retreat complete with a dedicated sitting room, a marble bath, custom wardrobe, and a private terrace that offers sweeping views.

  • Wellness Centered: Dive into a 50’ resort pool, rejuvenate in the hot tub, experience the invigorating cold plunge, or relax on the sun deck; for indoor relaxation, the sauna awaits.

  • Picturesque Outdoors: Beyond the pool, discover a pool house, cabana bath, and immaculate greenery creating an oasis of serenity.

  • Stunning Frontage: Boasting 158 FT of frontage, enjoy the soothing ocean breezes that bring a touch of coastal charm to this exquisite estate.

  • Safety and Exclusivity: Situated within a 24-hour patrolled enclave, relish in unparalleled safety and the prestige of being one of the 30 waterfront homes on La Gorce Island.

  • Top-Floor Studio: A space dedicated to creativity, offering a sanctuary for art, music, or any form of expression.Subscribe now

About La Gorce Island, Miami Beach, Florida

  • Exclusivity & Prestige: La Gorce Island is one of Miami Beach's most sought-after enclaves, offering a secluded and elite residential experience.

  • Gated Community: Ensuring utmost privacy and security, the island boasts a 24-hour patrolled environment for its residents.

  • Historical Charm: Home to some of the most iconic and stately residences, La Gorce Island carries a rich history that adds depth to its luxury.

  • Picturesque Scenery: Lush landscapes, serene waterfront views, and impeccably manicured gardens make every stroll on the island a visual delight.Share Real Estate

  • Proximity to Glamour: Just a short drive away from the vibrant Miami Beach nightlife, upscale dining, world-class shopping, and the arts.

  • Waterfront Living: With many homes boasting direct water access, yachting, boating, and water sports are right at the doorstep.

  • Golf Enthusiast's Dream: The nearby La Gorce Country Club offers an exclusive golfing experience, pristine courses, and top-tier amenities.

  • Beach Proximity: Enjoy the luxury of having the pristine Miami Beach sands just moments away, perfect for sunbathing or oceanfront activities.

  • Cultural Richness: Close to Miami's renowned art districts, galleries, and performance spaces, making it a hub for art and culture aficionados.

  • Private & Quiet: Despite its proximity to Miami's hustle and bustle, La Gorce Island offers a tranquil retreat, making it a perfect balance of entertainment and relaxation.

  • Community Spirit: Regular upscale community events, gatherings, and a tight-knit neighborhood feel amidst the opulence.

  • Architectural Marvels: The island showcases a range of architectural styles from historical gems to modern masterpieces, a testament to its evolving yet timeless charm.