Spanish Colonial Revival masterpiece nestled in the heart of Los Feliz, this opulent estate marries the enchantment of old Hollywood with panoramic city views, offering an unparalleled blend of historical elegance and modern luxury.

As dawn breaks over Los Angeles, casting a golden hue across the cityscape, you awaken within the storied walls of the Oliver R. Fuller Estate, your very own slice of historical opulence nestled in the heart of the Los Feliz neighborhood. This day, like every day in this Spanish Colonial Revival masterpiece, promises an unparalleled blend of classic grandeur and serene luxury. Your morning begins with a stroll down the estate's private driveway, an elegant pathway that transports you from the vibrant energy of Los Angeles to the tranquil splendor of your Mediterranean haven. The lush grounds, sprawling over 39,000 feet, are alive with the soft sounds of the city awakening in the distance.

Stepping through the refined wrought iron gates, you're greeted by the two-story rotunda-style entry, where the hand-painted artistry and the timeless charm of the sweeping staircase remind you of the estate's storied past. It's here, in this grand foyer, that the day's possibilities stretch out before you. Choosing to embrace the morning's freshness, you step onto the balcony from the Baronial living room, a space adorned with ornate details and an elaborate fireplace. The panoramic views of Los Angeles, extending to the Griffith Observatory and beyond, unfold in a breathtaking display, the city lying at your feet as you plan your day.

After a light breakfast in the massive cook's kitchen, where commercial-grade appliances and an oversized island make meal preparation a delight, you retreat to the light-filled library. Here, surrounded by the honeycombed coiffured ceiling and stained glass, you indulge in a moment of quiet reflection, the hidden Prohibition-style bar hinting at evenings of entertainment and mystery. As the day warms, you decide to descend to the pool level, an entertainer's dream. A morning swim in the pool rejuvenates your senses, followed by a relaxing session in the spa. The sprawling media room beckons for a private film screening, but not before you've visited the home gym for a workout, energized by the thought of selecting a vintage from the 2500+ bottle wine cellar for tonight's dinner.

In the afternoon, you ascend the wrought iron-clad circular staircase, each of the five bedroom suites a testament to meticulous renovation and modern charm. The master retreat, with its fireplace and spa-like bathroom, offers a sanctuary where the views stretch to the ocean, a reminder of the estate's majestic perch above the city. As evening approaches, you entertain in the large dining room, the hand-stenciled wood ceiling and covered veranda providing a backdrop for a gathering that's both intimate and grand. The city lights begin to twinkle below, a silent audience to the night's festivities.

The day concludes with a visit to the detached guest house, accessible via a secret garden pathway. This over-the-top residence, with its own living room, kitchenette, and city views, serves as a perfect retreat for your guests, offering them privacy and luxury amidst the estate's historical charm. At 2400 Inverness Ave, every day is an immersion in the enchantment of old Hollywood, the allure of Spanish architecture, and the tranquility of an estate that transcends time, offering a retreat to privacy, peace, and unparalleled luxury in Los Angeles.

What’s To Love?

Historical Opulence: The Oliver R. Fuller Estate, envisioned in 1929 by Harry Hayden Whiteley, AIA, stands as a testament to Spanish Colonial Revival elegance, offering a rare glimpse into Los Angeles' architectural heritage.

Exclusive Privacy: Enclosed by refined wrought iron gates and nestled on over 39,000 sq ft of lush grounds, this estate provides an unparalleled level of privacy and tranquility in the heart of Los Angeles.

Breathtaking Panoramic Views: Perched alongside the Griffith Observatory, the estate boasts stunning views that sweep across the LA basin, capturing the city's essence and extending out to the ocean.

Architectural Marvel: A two-story rotunda-style entry with hand-painted artistry, a sweeping staircase, and a Baronial step-down living room showcases the timeless allure and meticulous detail of the property.

Library with Hidden Bar: A light-filled library adorned with a honeycombed coiffured ceiling and stained glass features a Prohibition-style hidden bar, adding a layer of intrigue and historical charm.

Outdoor Living Redefined: French doors open to a balcony overlooking an inviting pool and spa, surrounded by panoramic vistas of Los Angeles, perfect for serene mornings or lavish entertainment.

Gourmet Culinary Experience: A massive chef's kitchen equipped with commercial-grade appliances and an oversized island caters to both intimate family meals and grandiose gatherings.

Luxurious Accommodations: Six bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, including a master retreat with a fireplace, spa-like bathroom, and mesmerizing views, offer sumptuous living spaces for family and guests.

Entertainer's Paradise: The estate features a spacious media room, home gym, 2500+ bottle wine cellar, and sauna, ensuring every aspect of entertainment and relaxation is catered to.

Detached Guest House: A private 1-bedroom, 2-bathroom guest house, complete with a living room and kitchenette, offers a luxurious retreat for guests, adding flexibility and convenience.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow: Expansive grounds, a secret garden pathway, and multiple outdoor terraces invite seamless transitions between indoor comfort and outdoor splendor.

Legacy Property: With its rich history, unparalleled views, and luxurious amenities, the Oliver R. Fuller Estate not only offers a place to call home but a piece of Los Angeles' legacy to be cherished for generations.

About Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California

Exclusive Neighborhood Charm: Los Feliz, with its tree-lined streets and historic homes, offers an exclusive enclave within Los Angeles, blending the charm of old Hollywood with contemporary luxury.

Cultural and Artistic Hub: Renowned for its rich cultural scene, Los Feliz is home to independent theaters, art galleries, and music venues, providing a vibrant backdrop for the artistically inclined.

Gourmet Dining Experiences: Boasting an array of upscale restaurants, chic cafés, and trendy eateries, Los Feliz caters to the epicurean tastes of its affluent residents, offering everything from gourmet international cuisine to farm-to-table dining.

Prime Location with Panoramic Views: Situated near the Griffith Observatory, Los Feliz offers stunning panoramic views of the Los Angeles skyline and the Hollywood sign, providing a picturesque setting for luxury living.

Prestigious Educational Institutions: The neighborhood is served by highly-rated schools and is in close proximity to some of Los Angeles' top private and charter schools, ensuring a world-class education for residents' families.

Exclusive Shopping Destinations: Los Feliz is minutes away from luxury boutiques and high-end shopping destinations, offering a unique shopping experience that satisfies the desires of fashion-forward residents.

Proximity to Griffith Park: As one of the largest urban parks in North America, Griffith Park offers endless outdoor activities, including hiking trails, horseback riding, golf courses, and the Los Angeles Zoo, all within a stone's throw from Los Feliz.

Vibrant Nightlife and Entertainment: The neighborhood is known for its lively nightlife, with an assortment of sophisticated bars, lounges, and clubs that cater to an upscale clientele, providing ample opportunities for socializing and entertainment.

Architectural Diversity: Los Feliz boasts a diverse array of architectural styles, from grand Spanish villas to modernist homes, reflecting the neighborhood's rich history and the refined tastes of its residents.

Community and Privacy: Despite its central location, Los Feliz maintains a strong sense of community and privacy, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustling city while remaining connected to the urban lifestyle.

Access to Elite Health and Wellness Facilities: The neighborhood hosts several top-tier health clubs, spas, and wellness centers, promoting a lifestyle focused on health, wellness, and relaxation for its discerning residents.

Strong Investment Potential: Properties in Los Feliz are highly sought after, offering significant investment potential due to the neighborhood's desirability, cultural richness, and unparalleled lifestyle offerings.