Imagine awakening to the gentle sounds of waves crashing on the distant shores of the Pacific, as a cool ocean breeze wafts through your room, and the first light of dawn paints a mesmerizing canvas of hues across the sky. At "Seaside Serenity," every morning is a delightful orchestration of nature's wonders.

You saunter down to your state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen, preparing your favorite breakfast, every movement and ingredient enhanced by panoramic views of the azure ocean. With your fresh brew in hand, you step out to the spacious terrace, feeling the warmth of the Californian sun, and let the vastness of the sea and the majesty of the coastline envelop you.

Mid-morning, you descend to your private seaside lounge. The quiet, meditative space offers a sanctuary for reflection and relaxation, with the rhythmic sounds of the ocean as your backdrop.

By noon, feeling invigorated, you head to the well-equipped gym for a workout session, letting the adrenaline surge as you challenge yourself amidst the motivating backdrop of ocean views.

In the afternoon, retreat to your dedicated office, the inspiring landscape fostering creativity and focus, ensuring your work feels less like a chore and more like a passion.

Come evening, you invite a few friends over. The gathering starts with a journey to your impressive wine cellar. You select a vintage, heading to the wine-tasting bar where laughter and conversations flow as easily as the wine.

Dinner is a culinary experience, each course enjoyed against a backdrop of a sun sinking into the ocean, casting a golden sheen over everything. Post dinner, you all move to the deluxe home theater, immersing yourselves in a cinematic experience that rivals any theater in town.

As night deepens, you retreat to your luxury master suite. Almost a home in itself, this 1300-square-foot haven lets you unwind in the plushness of its surroundings. Perhaps you read a chapter of your favorite book or simply gaze out at the moonlit ocean, contemplating the beauty of your privileged existence at "Seaside Serenity."

Here, in the prestigious enclave of Malibu, atop nearly 13 acres of coastal majesty, you're not just living. You're experiencing life in its most elevated form, where nature, luxury, and architectural brilliance converge to craft an unparalleled living experience.

What’s To Love?

Oceanfront Elegance: Perched above the Pacific Ocean, offering uninterrupted, breathtaking views of the coastline and azure waters.

Architectural Masterpiece: A product of the acclaimed Swatt | Miers, blending contemporary design with nature's splendor.

Dual Parcels: Spanning nearly 13 acres with an existing lavish home on one and meticulously crafted plans by Doug Burdge on the other.

Open-Concept Living: Seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for both tranquil relaxation and grand entertaining.

Gourmet Kitchen: Equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, perfect for culinary enthusiasts and social gatherings.

Master Retreat: A luxurious 1300-square-foot haven offering privacy, comfort, and unparalleled ocean vistas.

Wine Lover’s Dream: A dedicated 800-bottle wine cellar with a wine-tasting bar, ensuring every vintage is celebrated in style.

Modern Comforts: Equipped with Crestron Smart Home Technology, an elevator, security cameras, and other state-of-the-art amenities.

Entertainment Haven: Deluxe in-home theater for immersive movie nights and a fully-equipped gym for fitness sessions with a view.

Generous Parking: Featuring a spacious motor court and a 4-car garage, catering to both family and guests.

Location, Location, Location: Situated in the prestigious Malibu enclave, ensuring exclusivity and proximity to the best the coast has to offer.

Boundless Possibilities: With two parcels of coastal splendor, create your personalized sanctuary or expand on the architectural brilliance that's already in place.

About Malibu, California

Iconic Coastline: Malibu boasts some of the world's most coveted beaches, with over 21 miles of pristine sands and crystal-clear waters.

Exclusive Real Estate: Home to many A-list celebrities and high-net-worth individuals, Malibu offers unparalleled privacy and luxury estates with awe-inspiring ocean views.

Gourmet Dining: Indulge in world-class restaurants like Nobu Malibu and Geoffrey's that offer exquisite cuisine with panoramic seaside vistas.

Private Vineyards: Sip on locally-produced wines from boutique wineries and private vineyards, turning wine-tasting into a sophisticated affair.

Oceanfront Golfing: Perfect your swing at some of California's most scenic golf courses, overlooking the Pacific.

Luxury Shopping: From high-end boutiques to unique local artisans, shopping in Malibu is an experience of luxury and exclusivity.

Yachting & Marine Adventures: With easy access to private marinas, enjoy yacht expeditions, deep-sea fishing, or simply sail along the stunning coastline.

Nature's Retreat: Explore the Santa Monica Mountains, offering serene hiking trails, horseback riding, and breathtaking overlooks of the ocean.

Cultural Vibrancy: Engage in Malibu's rich arts scene, from the Getty Villa museum to private art galleries showcasing global talents.

Holistic Wellness: Access some of the world's top spas, wellness retreats, and yoga studios, ensuring a lifestyle of rejuvenation and holistic health.

Global Connectivity: Proximity to private airports and helipads, allowing the global elite easy accessibility to their Malibu haven.

Community of Elites: Engage in a community of like-minded individuals, offering a blend of casual beach living and sophisticated events and galas.

Renowned Surf Spots: Whether a seasoned surfer or someone looking to pick up the sport, Malibu's waves, including the famous Surfrider Beach, are a surfer's paradise.