Porter Stanley
December 07, 2023

Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of the ocean at your mid-century paradise beach house on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. As the owner of this $9,800,000 architectural gem, designed by the legendary Buff and Hensman in the summer of love, 1969, your day is enveloped in a blend of history, luxury, and coastal beauty.

Your morning begins with a coffee in your sunburnt orange Onyx kitchen, a space that reflects the unique style of the era. The new Styleline windows frame a stunning view of La Costa Beach, inviting you to step out onto your deck that jets out further than your neighbors, offering full privacy and an unobstructed view of the queen's necklace sparkling in the distance.

You spend your morning lounging on the deck, basking in the California sun, or perhaps taking a leisurely walk along the beach, feeling the sand between your toes. The beachfront location, minutes away from downtown Santa Monica and Malibu, provides a perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility.

In the afternoon, you entertain friends in your cozy living room, where the double-height Cedar ceilings and New Zealand green shag wool carpet add to the home's unique charm. The conversation flows easily, with the backdrop of stained glass installations and bronze mirrors reflecting the golden age of Malibu.

As the sun sets, the outdoor area of your home becomes a haven of relaxation. You unwind in the new Cedar hot tub, enjoying the ocean breeze. The outdoor shower offers a refreshing experience after a day at the beach, and the fire pit becomes a focal point for evening gatherings, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Your night concludes with a peaceful retreat to one of the three meticulously designed bedrooms, each offering comfort and style with wallpapers from France and Asia, and wall-mounted Duravit black toilets. In this home, every detail is a nod to the past, yet equipped with the latest amenities, making your life here a continuous celebration of the endless summer.

What’s To Love?

Iconic Mid-Century Design: Architecturally significant, designed by the legendary Buff and Hensman in 1969, embodying the essence of the summer of love.

Prime Malibu Location: Situated on La Costa Beach, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and proximity to both downtown Santa Monica and Malibu.

Unique Aesthetic Elements: Features sunburnt orange Onyx in the kitchen and bathroom, creating a vibrant and unique interior design.

Cedar Accents: Boasts double-height cedar ceilings and cedar exterior shingles, adding warmth and architectural interest.

Private Outdoor Living: The deck extends further than neighboring properties, offering full privacy and stunning views of the queen's necklace, especially at night.

Luxurious Amenities: Includes a new cedar hot tub, an outdoor shower, and a fire pit, perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

Retro-Inspired Interiors: New Zealand green shag wool carpet and pounded brass sinks add a touch of vintage glamour.

Modern Conveniences: Equipped with new wall-mounted Duravit black toilets and stylish wallpapers from France and Asia.

Artistic Touches: Stained glass installations and bronze mirrors throughout the home create a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of the golden age of Malibu.

Exclusive Beachfront Living: Offers direct access to the beach, allowing for an endless summer lifestyle in one of the most coveted locations in California.

About Malibu, California

Stunning Beachfronts: Malibu is famed for its picturesque beaches like Zuma Beach and El Matador Beach, offering pristine sands and perfect waves for surfing or sunbathing.

Exclusive Privacy: Known for its secluded properties and private beach access, Malibu is a haven for celebrities and those seeking a retreat from the public eye.

Luxury Real Estate: Home to some of the most spectacular and high-end real estate in California, with properties boasting breathtaking ocean views and state-of-the-art amenities.

Gourmet Dining: Offers a range of upscale dining experiences with oceanfront restaurants serving fresh, local cuisine and international delicacies.

Outdoor Lifestyle: Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, horseback riding, and water sports.

Cultural Hotspot: Hosts art galleries, the famous Malibu Playhouse, and local events that reflect the city's rich cultural scene and artistic community.

High-End Shopping: Boutique shopping experiences are available at places like the Malibu Country Mart, offering luxury brands and unique finds.

Wine Tasting: Proximity to exquisite vineyards and wine-tasting rooms in the Malibu wine region, perfect for connoisseurs.

Celebrity Sightings: The area is a popular spot for celebrities, offering chances for star-spotting and high-profile socializing.

Scenic Beauty: Malibu's natural beauty, including its rugged coastline and scenic canyons, provides a stunning backdrop for residences and outdoor activities.

Health and Wellness: Access to top-tier wellness and fitness centers, promoting a lifestyle focused on health and well-being.

Marine Life Exploration: Opportunities for marine life exploration and ocean activities, including whale watching and sailing.

Exclusive Clubs: Access to exclusive beach clubs and private membership clubs, offering luxurious amenities and social networking opportunities.

Proximity to Los Angeles: While offering a serene and secluded environment, Malibu is conveniently located near Los Angeles, providing easy access to the city's amenities.