As dawn breaks over Winter Park, you awaken in the luxurious confines of your primary suite at 654 W Morse Blvd. The morning sun filters through the soft curtains, its rays touching the high-end finishes of your sanctuary. Stretching out, you appreciate the unique blend of innovative design and lavish comforts that surround you.

Starting your day, you walk over to your Italian wood-floored kitchen. The glistening Cambria countertops invite you to prepare your morning espresso. The scent of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, enhanced by the aroma of croissants baking in one of your top-of-the-line appliances. While waiting, your gaze drifts over to the impressive glass-enclosed wine refrigeration unit, artfully showcasing almost a thousand bottles, contemplating which one might pair best with dinner.

Taking your breakfast, you step through the Pella "wall of sliding glass", finding a serene spot beside the courtyard-style pool. The water gently laps against the hand-carved granite wall, its serenity disrupted momentarily by the mesmerizing dance of flames from the 16-foot linear fire feature. The morning air is fresh, and you relish in this peaceful outdoor haven.

Feeling inspired, you retreat to your private office, a space both modern and elegant. Sunlight spills through the windows, illuminating your work as the latest project takes shape. When it's time for a break, you head to the lounge, letting the soulful melodies from your sound system, effortlessly operated via Lutron, wash over you.

Post-lunch, feeling the need for a workout, you head to the gym. The state-of-the-art equipment awaits you, and you lose yourself in a rhythm, letting the stresses of the day melt away.

The afternoon sun invites you to the magical rooftop terrace, a perfect spot for some meditation or simply to get lost in a book. The panoramic view of Winter Park stretches before you, a beautiful tapestry of urban sophistication and natural beauty.

Evening approaches, and you decide to host an intimate dinner. The expansive great room comes alive, seamlessly connecting the formal living, dining, bar, and family rooms. With the help of your hidden scullery, you prepare a gourmet meal, serving your guests wine from your extensive collection.

After dinner, laughter and conversation flow effortlessly in the courtyard, the mood set by the ambient light from the fire feature. As the night deepens, your guests marvel at the distinctive and harmonious design of your home, a testament to the genius of architect Kamal Rizk.

The day ends back in the primary suite. The custom-made dressing table in the primary bath beckons, offering a moment of reflection. You think about the day, grateful for every detail of your home – from the Boffi, Zucchetti, and Poliform finishes to the exquisite millwork that adorns the space.

In this distinctive estate, nestled in Winter Park, every day is an opportunity for opulent serenity. You close your eyes, already looking forward to the next day's adventures in this incomparable abode.

What’s To Love?

Architectural Masterpiece: Conceptualized by the internationally acclaimed architect, Kamal Rizk, every corner of this property spells luxury.

Sophisticated Design: Hand-cut limestone exterior, a custom front door with hand-forged hardware, and seamless integration of modern and timeless aesthetics.

Expansive Living Space: Almost 9,000 SF of lavish interiors encompassing 5 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms.

Breathtaking Great Room: A commodious space that blends the foyer, formal living, dining, bar, and family rooms, all framed by a stunning "wall of sliding glass" by Pella.

Gourmet Kitchen: Equipped with Poliform cabinetry, Cambria countertops, and premium appliances, with an eye-catching floor-to-ceiling wine refrigeration display holding up to 975 bottles.

Opulent Primary Suite: A dreamy bedroom space complemented by luxury boutique-styled closets, UV-protected motorized shades, and an ensuite bath showcasing floating vanities, standalone tub, and custom dressing table.

Guest Oasis: A self-contained guest apartment, with its living spaces, full kitchen, laundry, and bedroom suite, ensuring the utmost privacy.

Fitness & Relaxation: An in-home gym for your daily workouts and an aroma therapy room for those much-needed moments of relaxation.

Outdoor Elegance: A courtyard-style pool adorned with a hand-carved granite wall, 16-foot linear fire feature, and a kitchen terrace fitted with a DCS grill, cooling misters, and motorized screens.

Entertainment Ready: An extravagant lounge and bar area, complemented by state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems from brands like FLOS, Moooi, and Tom Dixon.

Roof-Top Delight: An enchanting rooftop terrace offering panoramic views of Winter Park, perfect for evening get-togethers or quiet reflections.

Exceptional Extras: Features such as a 4-car garage, a hidden driveway, elegant millwork throughout, an aroma therapy room, and a convenient elevator make this property a class apart.

Enviable Location: Nestled in Winter Park, FL, this estate offers a blend of luxury living with the charm and sophistication of one of Florida's most sought-after neighborhoods.

About Winter Park, Florida

Prestigious Neighborhoods: Winter Park is known for its upscale residences, leafy streets, and a community that values both privacy and luxury.

Chic Shopping: The renowned Park Avenue is a shopper's paradise, boasting high-end boutiques, designer labels, and artisanal shops.

Culinary Delights: Indulge in gourmet experiences with a myriad of upscale restaurants, wine bars, and cafés that cater to the sophisticated palate.

Cultural Hub: With the Morse Museum, home to the world's most comprehensive collection of Tiffany glass, and the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, culture and art are at your fingertips.

Waterfront Views: The Chain of Lakes offers opportunities for tranquil boat tours, serene morning kayaking, or lakeside picnics with unmatched scenic views.

Golf Galore: Tee off at the Winter Park Golf Course, a city gem that's been around since the late 19th century, providing an elite golfing experience.

Private Education: With esteemed institutions like Rollins College and an array of top-tier private schools, education and personal development never take a backseat.

Lush Parks and Gardens: Places like the Mead Botanical Garden offer a slice of paradise, ideal for afternoon strolls, bird-watching, or simply lounging with a book.

Events & Festivals: Be part of exclusive events like the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, Wine & Dine, and other signature events that attract the elite.

Convenient Connectivity: Winter Park's location ensures easy access to Orlando's amenities while retaining its own charm and character. Plus, the SunRail station offers convenient commuting options.

Historic Charm: The city boasts rich history, evident in its picturesque streets lined with Mediterranean architecture, historic estates, and canopy trees.

Recreation Clubs: Join exclusive clubs like the Winter Park Racquet Club or the Interlachen Country Club for tennis, golf, or social gatherings with the who's who of Florida.

Health & Wellness: Premium wellness centers, spas, and health clubs cater to those who prioritize their well-being, ensuring you're always at your best.