Porter Stanley
December 20, 2023

Imagine waking up in your oceanfront compound in Vero Beach, a luxurious haven priced at $42,000,000. As the owner of this exclusive property, your day begins with the soothing sounds of the Atlantic Ocean, right at your doorstep.

Your morning starts with a leisurely stroll through the meticulously landscaped grounds that provide privacy and tranquility. The beauty of the gardens complements the stunning ocean views, creating a serene environment for your morning meditation or yoga session.

After breakfast in one of your multiple kitchens, you decide to take a refreshing swim in your 80-foot oceanfront infinity pool. The pool, overlooking the vast ocean, offers a resort-like experience, making every swim feel like a retreat.

Mid-morning, you retreat to your home office, where the Savant home automation system allows you to effortlessly control the ambiance, comfort, and security of your estate. The floor-to-ceiling impact windows not only provide ultimate weather readiness but also frame the breathtaking ocean views, enhancing your work environment.

For lunch, you invite friends over to your separate 3-bedroom guest house, ensuring their comfort and privacy. The guest house, an extension of your luxurious lifestyle, is perfect for hosting visitors, offering them their own space within your grand estate.

In the afternoon, you explore the heart of Vero's seaside downtown, conveniently located near your home. The charm of the town, combined with the beachside setting, makes for a delightful excursion, whether you're shopping, dining, or simply enjoying the coastal atmosphere.

As the day winds down, you gather with family and friends for an evening soiree by your second pool. The garage parking for 10 cars ensures ample space for your guests' vehicles. The evening is filled with laughter, fine dining, and entertainment, all managed seamlessly with your home automation system.

Your night concludes with a peaceful walk along the beach, under the starlit sky, reflecting on the day's joys in your Vero Beach paradise. This home, with its 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and 18,000 sq ft of luxurious living space, is not just a residence; it's a statement of grandeur and tranquility, offering a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort and elegance.

What’s To Love?

Oceanfront Location: Situated directly on the Atlantic Ocean, offering stunning, unobstructed views and easy access to the beach.

Robust Construction: Built with reinforced concrete and steel, anchored by 255 pilings, ensuring durability and weather resilience.

Expansive Living Space: Boasting 18,000 sq ft of living area, including 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, providing ample space for luxury living.

Floor-to-Ceiling Impact Windows: Offering both protection and panoramic ocean views, enhancing the beauty and safety of the home.

Advanced Home Automation: Equipped with a Savant system for effortless control of ambiance, comfort, security, and entertainment.

Dual Pool Design: Features two pools, including an 80-foot oceanfront infinity pool, for a resort-like experience in your backyard.

Private Guest House: A separate 3-bedroom guest house provides privacy and comfort for visitors, maintaining the estate's exclusivity.

Garage for 10 Cars: Ample garage space to accommodate a collection of vehicles, perfect for car enthusiasts and hosting guests.

Secluded and Gated: Walled and gated for ultimate privacy, surrounded by meticulously landscaped grounds.

Resort-Like Amenities: Designed for luxury and relaxation, with outdoor spaces ideal for entertaining and enjoying the Florida sun.

Prime Vero Beach Location: Nestled in the heart of Vero's seaside downtown, offering a blend of tranquility and convenient access to local attractions.

Elegant Interior Design: Luxurious interiors with high-end finishes, creating an environment of sophistication and comfort.

Ideal for Entertaining: Perfectly designed for hosting events, with spacious living areas, outdoor entertainment spaces, and guest accommodations.

Peace of Mind: Built with a focus on security and weather readiness, providing a safe and peaceful living environment.

About Vero Beach, Florida

Pristine Beaches: Vero Beach is renowned for its beautiful, uncrowded beaches, offering a serene and luxurious seaside experience.

Exclusive Community: Known for its affluent neighborhoods and private estates, Vero Beach provides an upscale, secluded environment for discerning residents.

World-Class Golf: Home to several elite golf courses and country clubs, perfect for golf enthusiasts seeking a high-end golfing experience.

Boating and Water Sports: Ideal for boating, fishing, and water sports enthusiasts, with easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and picturesque waterways.

Cultural Attractions: Rich in arts and culture, featuring museums, art galleries, and performing arts venues, catering to a sophisticated lifestyle.

Luxury Shopping and Dining: Offers upscale shopping destinations and gourmet dining options, perfect for those who appreciate fine living.

Tranquil Natural Settings: Surrounded by natural beauty, including lush botanical gardens and scenic parks, ideal for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Private and Secure Living: Many gated communities and private estates ensure a high level of security and privacy for residents.

Health and Wellness Focus: Equipped with top-tier health and wellness facilities, including spas and fitness centers, promoting a lifestyle of health and well-being.

Social and Recreational Clubs: Exclusive clubs and social venues provide opportunities for networking, socializing, and recreational activities.

Waterfront Properties: Offers luxurious waterfront homes with stunning views and private docks, ideal for those who value oceanfront living.

Proximity to Airports: Convenient access to regional and international airports, facilitating travel for business or leisure.

Community Events and Festivals: Hosts various community events, art shows, and festivals, adding to the vibrant social calendar.

Relaxed Coastal Lifestyle: Combines the luxury of a high-end community with the laid-back charm of a coastal town, offering the best of both worlds.