Sunrise in Portofino is a dream – and from the vantage of Il Castelletto, it's simply ethereal. As you wake up in this historic castle atop the Portofino promontory, the soft glow of dawn paints the entirety of the Gulf of Tigullio in a rosy hue, easily seen from your bed due to the castle's incomparable 360° views.

You'd start the morning on the eastern terrace, where the scent of blooming flowers from the terraced garden below intertwines with the fresh sea breeze. Those 5000 square meters of terraced gardens are home to centuries-old plants and rare local essences that you've come to cherish. Walking along the garden's paths is like stepping back in time, feeling the history of the place underfoot and seeing it in every stone and bloom.

For breakfast, you'd choose a spot on one of the expansive terraces, indulging in fresh pastries and rich Italian coffee, all while overlooking the tranquil harbor of Portofino. The two turrets provide perfect nooks for moments of solitude or reflection, perhaps accompanied by a good book or simply the ambient sounds of the coastal town below.

Following a leisurely breakfast, you'd descend to Portofino village – a short stroll away. Roaming its narrow streets, perhaps stopping at a boutique or two, you'd blend in with locals and visitors, enjoying the vibrant energy of the town.

By afternoon, after a delectable lunch in one of Portofino's famed eateries, you'd return to the castle. Maybe today is the day for some maintenance, attending to the excellent internal conditions resulting from the recent renovation. It's always a joy, ensuring every corner of this majestic property retains the taste and character of the region.

Late afternoon calls for relaxation. With 3,230 sqft of living space, every room in the castle offers a unique perspective on luxury and history. You might choose to unwind in one of the four sumptuous baths, immersing yourself in warm water and gazing out at the Gulf.

As evening descends, the terraces of Il Castelletto are the place to be. With a glass of the finest local wine in hand, you'd watch as Portofino lights up, the stars beginning their nightly dance above. Dinner could be a private affair, a candlelit feast on the terrace with dishes infused with local flavors and ingredients picked from your garden.

With the lullaby of distant waves and the soft glow of Portofino beneath, you'd retire for the night, knowing tomorrow promises another day in paradise, right here at Il Castelletto.

What’s To Love?

Historic Elegance: Step into a piece of history with this spectacular and unique castle, a relic from a bygone era, beautifully preserved and updated for modern living.

Panoramic Views: Boasting incomparable 360° views, soak in the breathtaking vistas of Portofino, the entire Gulf of Tigullio, and the shimmering Mediterranean horizon.

Utmost Privacy: Nestled atop the Portofino promontory, the estate promises unparalleled privacy, ensuring a peaceful and exclusive escape.

Sprawling Terraces: With 200 square meters of terrace space, find your perfect spot for relaxation, dining, or entertaining, all with the backdrop of Portofino's iconic landscape.

Historic Turrets: Two distinct turrets rise from the terraces, offering unique vantage points to survey the beauty of the region and lend an authentic castle feel.

Lush Gardens: Wander through 5000 square meters of terraced gardens, a verdant oasis with centuries-old plants, fragrant blooms, and rare local essences.

Modern Comforts: Experience the harmonious blend of historic charm and contemporary luxury. The property underwent a recent extensive renovation, ensuring modern amenities while preserving its authentic charm.

Spacious Interiors: Spanning a generous 300 square meters, the internal living spaces cater to both grand entertaining and intimate moments, beautifully crafted with a nod to Italian artistry.

Prime Location: Beyond its walls, the delights of Portofino await. With the village just a short stroll away, enjoy easy access to world-class dining, shopping, and cultural experiences.

A Testament to Craftsmanship: From the Riviera-inspired architecture to the meticulous detailing within, every corner of Il Castelletto speaks of craftsmanship and dedication to preserving its rich heritage.

About Portofino, Italy:

Iconic Harbor: Recognized globally, Portofino's picturesque harbor is lined with colorful buildings and super-yachts, reflecting the epitome of Italian Riviera luxury.

Gourmet Dining: Indulge in world-class culinary experiences with Michelin-starred restaurants serving up the freshest seafood and Ligurian specialties, paired with the region's finest wines.

Designer Shopping: Wander the cobbled streets to discover a haven of luxury boutiques from global designer brands to unique local artisan creations.

Exclusive Beach Clubs: Gain access to some of the Mediterranean's most elite beach clubs, offering pristine sands, private cabanas, and bespoke services for discerning sun-seekers.

Historic Charm: Beyond its glamorous facade, delve into Portofino's rich history, from the ancient Castello Brown to the stunning San Martino church, all bearing witness to the town's storied past.

Private Yacht Excursions: Embark on tailored yacht journeys, exploring secluded bays, diving in crystalline waters, or sailing to neighboring gems like Cinque Terre.

Lavish Villas & Estates: The surrounding hills are adorned with opulent villas and estates, each offering a unique blend of history, luxury, and views that can only be described as heavenly.

Art & Culture: Engage with local art and culture, with numerous galleries showcasing both international and local artists, and seasonal events that celebrate Italy's rich traditions.

Serene Nature Trails: For those who wish to reconnect with nature, Portofino's national park offers tranquil hiking trails through lush landscapes, culminating in panoramic sea views.

Helicopter Tours: Elevate your perspective with private helicopter tours, providing unparalleled views of the Italian coastline and a swift mode of transport to nearby cities and attractions.

Renowned Wellness Retreats: Rejuvenate body and soul at exclusive wellness centers, offering bespoke treatments that incorporate the Mediterranean's natural bounty.

Discreet Glamour: While Portofino shines brightly in the international spotlight, it retains a sense of discreet elegance and exclusivity, making it the preferred choice for the world's elite.