Porter Stanley
November 02, 2023

As the morning sun casts its first golden rays over Venice Beach, you awaken in your architectural haven at 2337 McKinley Ave, enveloped by the serene whispers of your private garden oasis. Today, like every day, promises the tranquility and beauty that only this unique property can offer.

You begin your day with a stroll through the secret garden, where the air is perfumed with the scent of over 25 rare and heritage rose varieties. The delicate fragrance of 'Perfume Breeze' roses mingles with the fresh morning breeze, and the dew on the petals sparkles in the sunlight. The garden, a masterpiece curated by renowned rosarians, is your personal sanctuary, a place of natural luxury and peace.

After a refreshing soak in the fully renovated hot tub, surrounded by the thoughtful architecture of the garden, you feel rejuvenated. The grandeur of the Malelucas and the shade of the Eucalyptus tree offer a cool retreat as you enjoy a light breakfast in the outdoor kitchen, the citrus trees around you promising fresh juice for the morning.

Inside, the home welcomes you with its open and airy floor plan. The accordion glass doors are pushed back, erasing the boundaries between indoors and out, inviting the garden's tranquility into every corner of the living space. The large chef's kitchen, equipped with brand-new, high-end appliances, inspires you to plan an evening of entertainment. The custom tile work, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, catches your eye and reminds you of the attention to detail that defines your home.

Ascending the new staircase, with its solid white oak floors that extend throughout the upper level, you reach the primary suite. This sanctuary features a redesigned bathroom with custom solid oak vanities and natural stone, where you indulge in a spa-like experience. The his-and-her shower and soaking tub are a daily luxury, while the adjoining meditation loft offers a space for reflection and tranquility.

The rest of the morning is spent in the second primary suite, where you prepare for the day in a stunning bathroom with a freestanding soaking tub and natural stone shower. The third bedroom suite, with its handcrafted ceramic tiles and custom vanity, is prepared for the arrival of your weekend guests.

As the day unfolds, you work from your home office, the old-growth mahogany windows imported from Germany framing views of the garden and filling the space with natural light. The tranquility of your surroundings fuels your creativity and productivity.

As evening approaches, you transform the outdoor kitchen into an entertainer's paradise. The Viking grill sizzles as you prepare a gourmet meal for friends. Laughter and conversation fill the air, and the outdoor bath and shower provide a unique convenience for guests who linger in the garden's enchantment.

The day concludes with plans to convert the existing garage into an ADU, expanding your living space and offering endless possibilities for this versatile property. As night falls, you retreat to your primary suite, the events of the day a harmonious blend of nature and luxury, a testament to the extraordinary life you lead at this magical Venice Beach property.

What’s To Love?

Expansive Double-Lot Retreat: Offers unparalleled space and privacy in the heart of Venice's Silver Triangle.

Artfully Designed Secret Garden: Co-created by renowned rosarians, featuring over 25 varieties of rare and heritage roses.

Private Outdoor Sanctuary: Includes a fully renovated hot tub surrounded by the lush landscape for ultimate relaxation.

Luxurious Outdoor Kitchen: Equipped with a Viking grill, perfect for gourmet alfresco dining beneath the grand Eucalyptus tree.

Open and Airy Interior: Boasting soaring ceilings and skylights, with accordion glass doors for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Gourmet Chef's Kitchen: Showcases brand-new, high-end appliances and custom tile work for an exceptional cooking experience.

Elegant En-Suite Bedrooms: Three bedrooms, each with its own luxurious bath, featuring natural stone and custom vanities.

Primary Suite Retreat: A redesigned bathroom with heated floors, his-and-her shower, soaking tub, and a tranquil meditation loft.

Sophisticated Finishes: Solid white oak floors throughout and old-growth mahogany windows and doors imported from Germany.

Versatile Three-Car Garage: Ready for an ADU conversion, complete with a full bath, washer-dryer, and additional refrigeration.

Private and Mature Landscaping: Majestic pine trees, a soaring Bay Laurel hedge, and mature citrus trees offer natural seclusion.

Convenient Outdoor Bath: An outdoor bath with a shower connects to the garage, adding a unique touch for guests and outdoor activities.

Prime Venice Location: Nestled within a vibrant community, close to eclectic shops, restaurants, and the iconic Venice Beach.

About Venice, California

Eclectic Coastal Vibe: Venice is renowned for its vibrant, artistic atmosphere and beachside charm, offering a unique blend of laid-back coastal living with a luxurious twist.

Iconic Venice Beach Boardwalk: Experience the world-famous boardwalk with its street performers, boutiques, and eateries, all reflecting the area's dynamic culture.

Exclusive Dining Experiences: Indulge in a variety of high-end restaurants serving gourmet cuisine that caters to the most discerning palates.

Private Beach Access: Enjoy the exclusivity of less crowded stretches of sand for a serene beach day or a picturesque sunset stroll.

Artistic Enclaves: Home to numerous galleries and studios, Venice attracts artists and creatives, offering rich cultural experiences and opportunities to acquire unique art.

High-End Shopping: Stroll through upscale boutiques and designer stores on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, known as the "Coolest Block in America."

Architectural Marvels: The neighborhood boasts an array of modern and innovative homes designed by top architects, reflecting the wealth and style of its residents.

Waterfront Activities: Take advantage of oceanfront living with surfing, paddleboarding, and boating at your doorstep.

Private Fitness Clubs: Access to exclusive health clubs and private yoga studios that cater to a luxury lifestyle.

Elite Social Scene: Be part of an affluent community known for its chic gatherings, beachfront parties, and social events.

Lush Green Spaces: Enjoy the tranquility of hidden gardens and parks that offer a peaceful retreat from the urban energy.

Canals of Venice: Explore the charming Venice Canals, reminiscent of Italy, for a romantic walk or a quiet kayak ride.

Proximity to Silicon Beach: Close to the tech hub of Los Angeles, offering networking opportunties with industry leaders and innovators.

Security and Privacy: Despite its popularity, Venice offers secluded areas and private residences ensuring a discreet and secure environment for the affluent homeowner.