This Carpinteria gem merges sleek modern design with breathtaking panoramic views, offering a private vineyard and infinity pool on a sprawling 1.13-acre estate, embodying the epitome of luxury and tranquility on Shepard Mesa.

As the first light of dawn breaks over the hills of Carpinteria, you awaken in your architecturally stunning home on Shepard Mesa Rd. This single-level haven, designed with meticulous attention to detail, promises a day not just lived, but cherished, in a setting that's as breathtaking as it is serene. Your morning begins with a gentle awakening in the primary suite, a meditative retreat designed for tranquility and privacy. As you rise, the panoramic views from the expansive steel-framed glass walls invite the outside in, offering a peaceful start to your day. You step out onto the patio, where the infinity pool merges with the horizon, and the crisp morning air is as refreshing as the water.

After a leisurely swim, you stroll through the terraced syrah hobby vineyard, the vines basking in the early sun—a reminder of the passion and care infused into every corner of your 1.13-acre estate. The vineyard not only adds to the property's charm but also offers the delightful prospect of crafting your own wine, a hobby that connects you to the land in the most intimate way. Breakfast is enjoyed outdoors, with the living room’s glass walls slid open, erasing the boundary between inside and out. The panoramic views of the surrounding landscape accompany your meal, making every bite an experience in itself. The kitchen, a masterpiece of modern design, is equipped with energy-efficient appliances that make meal preparation both a pleasure and a statement of sustainability. The rest of your morning is dedicated to creative pursuits in one of the three exceptional additional bedrooms, each space offering inspiration and tranquility. Whether it's reading, writing, or simply reflecting, you find joy in the quiet luxury of your surroundings. In the afternoon, you explore the possibilities of the usable land that accompanies your home. Whether envisioning a future ADU, imagining horses grazing, or planning a sport court, the estate’s versatility speaks to your dreams and aspirations, promising a canvas for your imagination.

As the day transitions into evening, you welcome friends through the gated entrance, their admiration for your home evident as they take in the spectacular views and the property's thoughtful landscaping. Together, you enjoy the serene setting and artistic elements of your home, with conversations flowing as smoothly as the wine from your vineyard. The infinity pool becomes the centerpiece of your evening, with the living room opening directly onto the patio, allowing for an effortless blend of indoor and outdoor living. As night falls, the property transforms under the stars, with the lights of Carpinteria twinkling in the distance, reminding you of your proximity to Rincon Point and the vibrant life beyond your peaceful enclave. Retiring for the night, you reflect on a day spent in harmony with nature, surrounded by beauty and comfort. At 7373 Shepard Mesa Rd, every day is an opportunity to live fully, embraced by spectacular views, perfected with meticulous design, and enriched by the land's bounty. This is not just a home; it's a world of its own, a masterfully modern build that captures the essence of Carpinteria living.

What’s To Love?

Sleek, Modern Design: A single-level haven that showcases meticulous design with expansive steel-framed glass walls and doors, offering panoramic views that stun from every angle.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living: The living room's direct access to the patio and infinity pool allows for an unparalleled blend of indoor comfort and outdoor pleasure, ensuring every day feels like a resort getaway.

Panoramic Views: Perched on Shepard Mesa, this property provides breathtaking, unobstructed views of Carpinteria's natural beauty, allowing you to immerse yourself in the stunning landscape without leaving home.

Private Vineyard: A terraced syrah hobby vineyard not only adds to the property's charm but also offers a unique and personal touch to your home, inviting the joy of viticulture into your life.

Infinity Pool: The property features a visually stunning infinity pool that merges with the horizon, creating a peaceful oasis for relaxation and entertainment.

Primary Suite Retreat: Designed as a meditative retreat, the primary suite is a sanctuary within your home, featuring exceptional views and direct access to the outdoor living spaces.

Energy Efficiency: This fully-fenced property prioritizes sustainability with energy-efficient features, marrying modern luxury with eco-conscious living.

Thoughtful Landscaping: The estate's landscaping is thoughtfully designed to complement its natural surroundings, enhancing the serene and private atmosphere.

Potential for Expansion: Usable land offers the possibility for future additions such as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), horse amenities, or a sport court, providing flexibility to customize your estate.

Gated Privacy: Situated within a gated property, you are ensured utmost privacy and security, making this an exclusive retreat.

Convenience and Location: Despite its secluded setting, the property is conveniently located near Rincon Point and offers easy access to Carpinteria's amenities, combining the best of both worlds.

Artistic Elements: The property is infused with artistic elements and a masterfully modern build, making it not just a home, but a piece of livable art.

About Carpinteria, California

Quintessential Coastal Living: Carpinteria, nestled between the rolling hills and the Pacific Ocean, offers an idyllic coastal living experience, renowned for its pristine beaches, such as the famous Carpinteria State Beach, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing.

Exclusive Community: Known for its tight-knit community and low-key luxury lifestyle, Carpinteria is a haven for those seeking privacy and tranquility without sacrificing the conveniences and luxuries of upscale living.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities: The area is surrounded by natural beauty, from lush parks and nature preserves to scenic hiking trails like the Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve, providing endless opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventure.

Charming Downtown: Carpinteria's downtown area exudes charm and sophistication, with boutique shops, gourmet restaurants, and cozy cafés, offering a blend of local culture and high-end amenities.

Agricultural Richness: The region benefits from a rich agricultural heritage, with local farmers' markets offering fresh, organic produce, and the opportunity to indulge in farm-to-table dining experiences that highlight the best of California's bounty.

Proximity to Santa Barbara: Just a short drive from the bustling city of Santa Barbara, residents can easily access a wider range of cultural events, luxury shopping, and dining options, while returning to the peace and calm of Carpinteria.

Elite Equestrian Facilities: For equestrian enthusiasts, Carpinteria offers access to top-notch equestrian centers and trails, catering to a lifestyle that values outdoor recreation and the finer things in life.

World-Class Surfing: Carpinteria is a surfers' paradise, with Rincon Point ("The Queen of the Coast") offering some of the best waves on the West Coast, making it a coveted location for surfers and water sports aficionados.

Golfing Excellence: The area is home to several prestigious golf courses, providing ample opportunities for leisure and networking in a luxurious setting.

Art and Culture: With its array of art galleries, workshops, and cultural events, Carpinteria celebrates a rich artistic scene that appeals to those with a refined taste for arts and culture.

Wine Country Proximity: Located near the famed Santa Barbara Wine Country, residents can enjoy day trips to exquisite vineyards and wineries, indulging in world-class wine tasting and vineyard tours.

Relaxed Luxury: Carpinteria embodies a lifestyle of relaxed luxury, where the emphasis is on enjoying the finer things in life at a leisurely pace, making it an ideal locale for those who value discretion, beauty, and a high quality of life.