The sun's first gleam casts a golden hue over Spring Ivy, a symbol of opulence amidst the quiet allure of Old Westbury. You begin your day ensconced in your expansive bedroom, where panoramic views greet you. Stretching and sighing in contentment, you mull over your agenda for the day.

Downstairs, the gourmet kitchen lures you in. With top-tier appliances and vast quartz counters, you whip up a gourmet breakfast, pondering the sheer joy of having a space where culinary dreams come to life. With breakfast plated, you venture to the heated loggia, where sliding panel doors offer a fresh breeze and immersive views. Every bite is an experience, a blend of flavors enhanced by the ambiance.

Mid-morning, you transition to your indoor NBA court. The echo of the basketball and the feel of the polished wood underfoot invigorates you. Friends often comment on the surreal experience of having a professional game setting within arm's reach. Afterward, the indoor golf simulator beckons for a round or two. The digital greens and fairways offer a casual escape, a momentary excursion to some of the world's renowned courses without ever leaving home.

As afternoon wanes, you retreat to the wine cellar. Temperature-controlled and artfully designed, it houses some of the world's best vintages. Selecting a bottle, you move to the palatial dining room, where crystal chandeliers reflect the setting sun, casting mesmerizing patterns on the walls. The ambiance, paired with the wine, is intoxicating.

Evening entertainment options are vast. The movie theater, with its plush seating and cutting-edge visuals, provides an intimate cinematic experience. Alternatively, the game room and arcade light up in a riot of colors and sounds, bringing out the child in you. Yet, for moments of tranquility, the spa beckons, its sauna and massage room promising unrivaled relaxation.

Nightfall finds you back in the primary suite, the day's experiences a pleasant memory. The spa bathroom, with its elegant fixtures and sumptuous bath, is an invitation to unwind, to soak away any remnants of stress.

Every corner of Spring Ivy whispers of luxury, of a life lived grandly. And nestled within the guarded enclave of Spring Hill, yet a short jaunt from NYC's heartbeat, it's a testament to the fact that true luxury isn’t just about possession, it's about experience. An experience that Spring Ivy offers in abundance, every single day.

What’s To Love?

  • Storied Elegance: Nestled in the historic 160-acre Phipps estate, Spring Ivy is a testament to Old Westbury's storied past, blending history with unparalleled luxury.

  • Majestic Scale: With a sprawling 25,000 sqft of refined space, every room narrates a tale of grandeur, from the soaring ceilings to the meticulously curated interiors.

  • Gourmet's Delight: The expansive kitchen, outfitted with the finest appliances, makes every culinary endeavor a masterpiece, complemented by an outdoor kitchen with its own walk-in refrigerator.

  • Indoor Entertainment Hub: Two levels dedicated to amusement, boasting an arcade, billiards room, 12-seat theater, wine cellar, and a fully-stocked bar.

  • Sports Enthusiast's Paradise: An indoor NBA-standard basketball court, golf simulator, and personal bowling alley ensure you're always game-ready.

  • Holistic Wellness: From a state-of-the-art fitness center to an adjacent spa equipped with sauna, steam room, and massage room, self-care takes center stage.

  • Outdoor Extravaganza: Dive into serenity with an enchanting outdoor pool, practice serves at the tennis pavilion, or take in the manicured beauty from the loggia's embrace.

  • Luxury Living Quarters: Each of the 7 bedrooms, especially the primary suite, exudes opulence, ensuring every night feels like a stay at a 5-star retreat.

  • Guest Accommodation: A separate one-bedroom apartment in the detached three-car garage offers a private haven for guests or staff.

  • Location Advantage: While Spring Ivy is an oasis of serenity, its strategic position in the Spring Hill community ensures New York City's pulsating life is just a 25-minute commute away.

  • Unmatched Privacy: Guard-gated and ensconced in an exclusive enclave, this property promises a life of undisturbed tranquility, punctuated by moments of grand entertainment and celebration.Share Real Estate

About Old Westbury, New York:

  • Historical Grandeur: Old Westbury's roots run deep, boasting some of the most renowned estates from America's Gilded Age, capturing the essence of old-world charm.

  • Education Excellence: With access to top-tier schools like Roslyn or Wheatley, Old Westbury promises an enriching academic environment for young minds.

  • Pristine Greenery: Renowned for the Old Westbury Gardens, a 200-acre formal English garden estate, the village is a verdant escape from the concrete jungle.Subscribe now

  • Equestrian Elegance: Horse enthusiasts will adore the village’s equestrian facilities and trails, offering a pastoral experience seldom found elsewhere.

  • Golf Lover's Paradise: Numerous world-class golf clubs in close proximity, ensuring tee times against backdrops of breathtaking scenic beauty.

  • Cultural Affluence: From art shows to garden tours, the local events reflect the village’s commitment to preserving its cultural and historical heritage.

  • Exclusivity & Privacy: Known for its sprawling estates and gated communities, Old Westbury offers residents unparalleled privacy while exuding sophistication.

  • Proximity to NYC: While being a tranquil sanctuary, Old Westbury is just a quick drive away from the heart of Manhattan, offering the best of both worlds.

  • Community Spirit: Despite its exclusivity, Old Westbury hosts community events, ensuring neighbors connect and cultivate lifelong bonds.

  • Safety & Security: The village’s low crime rate and active neighborhood watch programs promise a secure environment for families.

  • Retail & Culinary Delights: Close to high-end shopping destinations and gourmet restaurants, offering residents a taste of luxury in every sense.

  • A Strong Sense of Heritage: Preservation of historic landmarks and properties ensures that residents are constantly in touch with the rich tapestry of Old Westbury's past.