You start your morning with a rejuvenating session in your state-of-the-art gym, followed by a refreshing steam in your Patagonia Quartzite steam room. The blend of the cedar wood sauna’s rich aroma and the invigorating steam clears your mind and sets the tone for the day. As you step out, the Los Angeles skyline bathes in the early morning light, offering a breathtaking backdrop.

You choose your attire from the exquisitely designed custom walnut closet, reflecting upon the White Onyx and Belvedere Quartzite details as you do. Then, you descend the floating oak stairs, pausing a moment to admire the cascading chandelier by Randy Zieber, a true testament to the marriage of alabaster elegance and sand-cast bronze strength.

The grand kitchen, adorned with its striking Travertino island, beckons. Maybe today you fancy a gourmet breakfast prepared by your personal chef or perhaps just a handcrafted espresso as you sit by the floor-to-ceiling windows. As the city bustles below, your oasis above offers tranquility. The seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space tempts you to step out onto the ocean-facing terrace, where you take a moment to breathe in the crisp morning air, and maybe even take a dip in the pool.

By midday, you're setting up for a business meeting in your cigar lounge, its ambiance enhanced by the custom design. Post meeting, you and your guests unwind with a curated selection from your temperature-controlled wine room.

As evening approaches, you host a dinner in your formal dining area. The city lights come alive, twinkling beneath you. The ambiance of your home, with its natural finishes and sophisticated design, creates an unforgettable experience for your guests. After dessert, you all head up to the expansive rooftop terrace. There, with the backdrop of downtown LA and the vast ocean, you indulge in lively conversations, perhaps even stargazing from the jacuzzi.

The day culminates in your primary suite. You draw a bath in the oversized soaking tub, carved from a single block of silver travertine. As you slide open the doors to your private deck, the cool evening breeze kisses your face. The city's distant hum lulls you, reminding you of your place in this urban jungle. Here, in your sanctuary high above Los Angeles, you truly grasp the essence of luxury and serenity, and as you drift into sleep, you feel deeply connected to this masterpiece you call home.

What’s To Love?

Breathtaking Location: Nestled in the heart of prestigious Bel Air, offering panoramic views spanning from downtown LA to the vast ocean.

Architectural Marvel: Meticulously designed by Architect David Maman in collaboration with SAOTA, a testament to global craftsmanship and luxury.

Seamless Indoors-Outdoors: Floor-to-ceiling windows with minimal frames effortlessly merge interior spaces with ocean-facing terraces, magnifying the beauty of nature and city alike.

Opulent Kitchen: A heart of the home, boasting a statement Travertino island, perfectly designed for gourmet experiences and intimate gatherings.

Masterpiece Chandelier: A custom cascading fixture by Randy Zieber, crafted in sand-cast bronze and alabaster, elegantly spanning three floors, accentuating the property's grandeur.

Exquisite Primary Suite: A personal retreat featuring a resort-style bathroom with an oversized soaking tub crafted from a block of silver travertine, paired with a private deck offering mesmerizing views.

Luxurious Amenities: Dive into wellness with a Patagonia Quartzite steam room, cedar wood sauna, cutting-edge gym, and a custom cigar lounge to elevate relaxation.

Entertainment Perfected: Boasts a 4-dimensional theater and temperature-controlled wine room, ensuring every moment at home is an experience in itself.

Car Enthusiast's Dream: A stunning car gallery to showcase your prized collection in style.

Rooftop Elegance: An expansive terrace equipped with a jacuzzi, kitchen, bar, and lounging areas, perfect for sunset soirees against the LA skyline.

Smart & Secure: Advanced home automation and security system, offering both convenience and peace of mind in a bustling city.

World-class Interiors: European architect Dieter Vander Velpen's design ethos radiates luxury, with warm finishes like European oak floors, custom walnut millwork, and ethereal stone walls.

About Los Angeles, California

Entertainment Epicenter: Home to Hollywood, LA offers exclusive access to premier movie premieres, award ceremonies, and A-list parties.

Elite Dining Scene: Savour world-class cuisine at globally-renowned restaurants like Nobu, Spago, and n/naka, or enjoy private chef experiences at home.

Private Shopping Experiences: Exclusive access to Rodeo Drive's luxury boutiques, often offering closed-door shopping experiences for the elite clientele.

Cultural Haven: Explore a wealth of art at institutions like The Getty Center, The Broad, and LACMA, and enjoy VIP access to special exhibits and art gallery openings.

Oceanfront Luxuries: From private yacht charters departing Marina Del Rey to helicopter rides over the Malibu coast, the ocean offers endless elite adventures.

World-class Golfing: Spend a day at exclusive clubs like The Los Angeles Country Club or Riviera Country Club, playing alongside the who's who of Hollywood.

Iconic Venues: Secure the best seats in the house at historic venues like The Hollywood Bowl, Dolby Theatre, and The Greek Theatre for concerts, plays, and more.

Picturesque Retreats: Escape the bustle with a helicopter ride to nearby vineyards in Napa Valley or spa retreats in Ojai, ensuring utmost privacy and luxury.

Networking Opportunities: Attend high-profile events, galas, and parties where business magnates, Hollywood stars, and global influencers converge.

Architectural Grandeur: Beyond personal estates, LA is home to iconic architectural wonders like the Griffith Observatory, The Stahl House, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Breathtaking Nature: Enjoy private hiking tours in the Hollywood Hills, horseback rides in Griffith Park, or serene beach walks on the less-traveled sands of Malibu.

Seamless Travel: With private terminals at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Van Nuys Airport, jet-setting globally is a breeze.