Awakening in "Utopia," the essence of luxury meets the thrill of Hollywood allure. As the first light of day pierces the sheer drapery of your expansive master suite, a gentle reminder echoes—this was once a playground for icons. But now, it's all yours.

Begin your morning in your personal sunroom, where the light softly filters in, wrapping you in a golden embrace. The rich aroma of fresh-brewed coffee wafts in from your master suite's coffee bar, a hint of decadence to kick start your day. As you stand, every step on the cool, sleek flooring of the master suite reverberates luxury and the sheer enormity of your sanctuary is palpable.

For breakfast, the vast kitchen beckons. High-end appliances gleam, awaiting your command, and the heavy veined quartz of the island feels both grand and grounding. You have the option to conjure up something delightful yourself or, perhaps, let a personal chef craft a morning feast as you enjoy it in the dining room, with the impressive 360-degree black porcelain fireplace setting the ambiance.

Your day could easily be spent in the home’s luxurious confines. You might decide to visit the wine cellar, the walls of which are adorned with original imported lava rock, holding tales of gatherings from days gone by. Elvis's favorite tune lingers in the theater area's ether, awaiting another day of cinematic splendor.

Yet, the outdoors beckons. Every room offers a tease of what lies outside those floor-to-ceiling windows. As you step out, the private oasis unravels before you. Perhaps it's a day for lounging by the sizable pool or letting the spa’s jets massage away any concerns. Every corner of the garden whispers tales of past soirees and celebrity whispers, from Fonda's laughter to Elvis's croons.

Lunch could be an alfresco affair, the backyard offering views of Pinehurst Country Club, reminding you of the elite world you're a part of. And as day melts into evening, the fire pit is the perfect spot to cozy up with a glass of wine, musing over the historical significance of your very walls.

Retiring for the night, the myriad of bedrooms offers respite for you and any guest you might entertain. With every corner of this house recently revamped, there's a harmonious blend of its glorious past and the present's ultramodern luxury.

Tucked away in Denver, moments from its top private school, "Utopia" isn’t just a home. It’s an experience, a legacy, and above all, a testament to opulent living with a splash of showbiz.

What’s To Love?

Historical Allure: Once frequented by Hollywood icons like Elvis Presley and the Fonda family, this estate has been a beacon of luxury and allure since the 1970s.

Opulent Master Suite: A home within a home, the master suite boasts its own sunroom, family room, and a generous custom closet. Indulge in the convenience of dual bathrooms and a combined coffee and wine bar.

Architectural Majesty: The 42-foot foyer ceiling, coupled with floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, offers a grand, luminous entrance. The modern floating staircase stands as a testimony to design excellence.

Epicurean Kitchen: A chef’s dream with luxury appliances, a vast island draped in heavy veined quartz, and an adjacent prep kitchen behind a statement stainless steel hood.

Entertainment Epicenter: Whether it's the artful 360-degree porcelain fireplace connecting the dining and family rooms or the dedicated theater area, this home is built for hosting and entertainment.

Private Oasis Outdoors: A sprawling lot enveloped by towering trees offers maximum privacy. Dive into the pool, relax in the spa, or unwind by the fire pit—all while overlooking the prestigious Pinehurst Country Club.

Vintage Wine Cellar: Immerse in the charm of the iconic wine cellar, featuring original imported lava rock, a nod to the property's rich history.

Modern Meets Classic: Recent extensive remodeling ensures state-of-the-art amenities, but the home still retains its classic allure.

Ultimate Privacy: Despite its expansive windows, the home ensures utmost seclusion, thanks to its strategic design and mature landscaping.

Prime Location: Minutes away from Denver's top private school, the property perfectly balances serenity with the city's vibrancy.

About Denver, Colorado:

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Private Aviation: Denver's Centennial Airport caters to private jet owners, ensuring swift and exclusive travel for business or leisure without the usual airport hassle.

Luxury Shopping Districts: Cherry Creek North offers boutique shopping with high-end brands, specialty shops, and personal stylists to cater to the elite shopper’s every whim.

Exquisite Real Estate: Denver's neighborhoods, from Cherry Creek to Belcaro, offer sprawling mansions, historic estates, and modern architectural masterpieces fit for those who demand luxury living.

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