This breathtaking Modern Spanish Villa combines opulent living spaces, cutting-edge smart home technology, and an enchanting outdoor oasis, setting a new standard for luxury in Encino.

As dawn crests over the Encino hills, your day begins in the embrace of 4717 Encino Ave, a modern Spanish estate that defines luxury in every detail. Nestled within one of Encino's most prestigious neighborhoods, this palatial mansion, with its opulent bedrooms and lavish bathrooms, offers a life of unparalleled comfort and elegance. Your morning starts in the primary suite, a sanctuary of extravagance where the soft morning light filters through floor-to-ceiling windows, gently waking you. Stretching across the expansive, designer walk-in closet, you choose your attire for the day, surrounded by the luxury of Louis Vuitton inspired designs. A step into the en suite bathroom rewards you with the soothing steam of a high-end shower, setting a tone of relaxation that carries throughout your day.

Descending the grand staircase, you are greeted by the soft glow of the morning sun through the towering windows, illuminating the Cartier chandelier that hangs majestically above. Breakfast awaits in the gourmet Cook's kitchen, where the scent of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. The kitchen, a culinary masterpiece, features a massive center island, custom Steak Ager, and a charming breakfast area. You indulge in a gourmet breakfast prepared with ingredients stored in your walk-in pantry, all the while planning the day ahead. With breakfast concluded, you retreat to the prestigious business office. The quietude, complemented by the room's sophisticated design, offers a perfect environment for focus and creativity. Mid-morning, you take a leisurely break, wandering through the multiple bar and cocktail areas to select a vintage wine from the cellar, contemplating the evening's entertainment.

As the day progresses, you decide to indulge in the luxury of your high-end movie/media room. Equipped with a state-of-the-art Sony projector and custom screen, you immerse yourself in cinematic excellence, the surround sound system enveloping you in the film's score. The afternoon sun beckons you outdoors to the enchanting backyard, a meticulously designed oasis. You lounge by the expansive pool, adorned with cafe string lights, finding solace in the tranquil sounds of nature that fill the meticulously landscaped gardens. Perhaps you'll spend some time in the dry sauna before enjoying the artisanal creations from the state-of-the-art BBQ station, an opulent outdoor enclave designed for the ultimate culinary experience.

As evening falls, you entertain close friends and family. The estate's vast living spaces, both indoor and out, offer the perfect setting for gatherings large and small. The outdoor fireplace casts a warm glow over the patio, creating an inviting ambiance for your guests. Together, you revel in the luxury of your surroundings, crafting pizzas in the outdoor oven and sharing stories by the fire. As night deepens, you find peace in the knowledge that your estate, secured by over 50 surveillance cameras and enveloped by towering gates and lush hedges, stands as a beacon of tranquility and safety. Retiring to your primary suite, you reflect on a day spent in unparalleled luxury, comforted by the sophisticated Control4 smart house system that ensures every moment at 4717 Encino Ave is lived in the utmost convenience and elegance.

What’s To Love?

Modern Spanish Elegance: Situated in the prestigious Encino neighborhood, this gated estate exemplifies luxury with its Modern Spanish architecture, seamlessly blending traditional charm with contemporary sophistication.

Opulent Living Spaces: Spanning 7,036 square feet, the mansion features 5 lavish bedrooms and 8 exquisite bathrooms, offering expansive living areas for ultimate comfort and luxury.

Architectural Grandeur: The entrance sets a majestic tone with soaring 20-foot ceilings, a magnificent grand staircase, and an elegant Cartier chandelier, creating an atmosphere of unmatched elegance and grandeur.

Gourmet Chef's Kitchen: A culinary masterpiece equipped with a massive center island, custom Steak Ager, walk-in pantry, and high-end appliances, perfect for crafting gourmet meals in a charming breakfast area.

Luxury at Every Turn: The primary suite is a true sanctuary, boasting expansive Louis Vuitton inspired designer walk-in closets, a steam shower, and a spacious balcony for serene mornings or tranquil evenings.

Entertainer's Dream: Features multiple bar/cocktail areas with a wine cellar, a luxurious family room, and a high-end movie/media room equipped with a Sony projector and custom screen, setting the stage for unforgettable gatherings.

Outdoor Paradise: The backyard is an enchanting oasis adorned with cafe string lights, featuring an expansive pool with a cabana, kitchenette/bar, dry sauna, and meticulously landscaped gardens, offering a private retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

Culinary Enclave: An exquisite Hibachi grill, real wood BBQ grill, and a majestic full Tonir for traditional roasting, alongside a state-of-the-art BBQ station for crafting artisanal pizzas and smoked delicacies.

Smart Home Sophistication: Equipped with one of the most advanced Control4 smart house systems in Los Angeles, providing cutting-edge technology for ease and sophistication.

Unparalleled Privacy & Security: A temperature-controlled 3-car garage and a colossal motor court behind towering gates and lush 20-foot hedges ensure privacy, complemented by over 50 surveillance cameras for security.

Ideal Location: Located on a star-studded street, a short walk from Ventura Blvd, this estate is not just a residence but a statement of luxury living, offering easy access to world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment.

About Encino, California

Prestigious Neighborhood: Encino is renowned for its exclusive residential areas, offering a tranquil retreat within the bustling Los Angeles metropolis, making it a coveted location for the affluent.

Luxurious Estates: Home to some of LA’s most impressive properties, Encino offers sprawling estates with state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring privacy and luxury for its discerning residents.

Vibrant Ventura Boulevard: The heart of Encino, Ventura Blvd, is lined with upscale shops, gourmet restaurants, and chic cafes, providing a sophisticated lifestyle just steps away from your doorstep.

Star-Studded Community: Encino’s secluded and opulent environment attracts celebrities and high-profile individuals, offering an unparalleled neighborhood dynamic.

Top-Tier Education: Boasting access to some of the highest-rated public and private schools in Los Angeles, Encino is ideal for families seeking the best educational opportunities for their children.

Recreational Opportunities: With proximity to several parks, including the vast Encino Commons, residents enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to leisurely strolls in beautifully landscaped areas.

Golf and Country Clubs: Encino is home to prestigious golf and country clubs, offering exclusive memberships for golfing, tennis, swimming, and social events, catering to the elite lifestyle.

Cultural and Artistic Venues: The area hosts a variety of cultural institutions and galleries, offering rich artistic experiences and community events that cater to sophisticated tastes.

Health and Wellness Focus: With numerous luxury spas, gyms, and health clubs, Encino promotes a lifestyle centered on health and wellness, ensuring residents have access to the best in self-care.

Proximity to Los Angeles: While offering a serene and private environment, Encino is conveniently located near major Los Angeles attractions, ensuring the best of both worlds.

Scenic Beauty and Climate: Encino enjoys a picturesque setting with beautiful, tree-lined streets and a favorable climate year-round, making it an idyllic place to live and enjoy the outdoors.

Community and Security: The strong sense of community and the emphasis on security make Encino a safe and welcoming place for wealthy individuals and their families to call home.