Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley's Coombsville AVA, this breathtaking property offers nearly 11 acres of panoramic vineyard views, masterful architecture, and resort-like amenities, epitomizing the pinnacle of luxury wine country living.

Awakening to the gentle rays of the Napa sun filtering through your windows, you find yourself enveloped in the tranquility of 1165 Green Valley Rd, a masterpiece set in the heart of the Coombsville AVA. Your day begins in the serenity of nearly 11 acres of your private estate, where the panoramic views of iconic vineyards and distant mountains remind you of your own piece of paradise in Napa Valley. Your morning starts with a leisurely stroll through the ultra-lush landscaping that adorns your property. The air, filled with the earthy scent of your own 1.98-acre Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, invigorates you, bringing a sense of connection to the land that is so revered in Napa Valley.

Breakfast is an open-air affair on your covered dining area, where the seamless flow from the indoor great room to the outdoor spaces is facilitated by the glass accordion doors that hallmark your home. The open kitchen, with its designer finishes and state-of-the-art appliances, makes the preparation as enjoyable as the meal itself. As you dine, the 60' infinity pool beckons, its solar-heated waters blending into the vineyard vistas beyond. The day is yours to craft. Perhaps you'll host a memorable gathering on the flat event pads, where the natural beauty of your estate provides a backdrop like no other. Or maybe a game of bocce on your private court, followed by relaxation around one of the two fire pits, epitomizes your ideal day. The choice is yours, in this resort-like oasis designed for the ultimate in entertainment and relaxation.

As afternoon turns to evening, the thought of downtown Napa Valley's world-class restaurants and wineries tempts you. Yet, the allure of your own home theater and the cozy sitting area in the primary bedroom beckon you to stay in. The guest house, a charming 2-bedroom retreat, awaits your friends for the night, promising them the same peace and luxury you've come to cherish. Your day concludes with a glass of wine produced from your own vineyard, sipped as you watch the sunset paint the sky over Napa. The outdoor spa, part of your 60' infinity pool, offers a final moment of relaxation, under the stars, in the warm embrace of the Napa night. At 1165 Green Valley Rd, each day is a testament to the lifestyle that only Napa Valley can offer—intimate, serene, and surrounded by the unmatched beauty of wine country. Here, in your private setting near downtown Napa, chic indoor-outdoor living isn't just a feature; it's the essence of your home.

What’s To Love?

Stunning Napa Valley Location: Nestled in the Coombsville AVA, offering soaring views of iconic vineyards and distant mountains, setting the stage for an unparalleled living experience.

Masterful Design: Crafted by Michael Guthrie + Co Architects to embody the essence of Napa Valley with a focus on intimate entertaining, memorable outdoor gatherings, and relaxation in a world-class wine country destination.

Expansive Main Home: A timeless 6,000 SF, 4-bedroom main residence featuring soaring ceilings and an open-concept design with the great room as its centerpiece, blending style and functionality with designer finishes throughout.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow: Each nook within the home is equipped with glass accordion doors, inviting a seamless transition to the vast outdoor living spaces for the ultimate in chic indoor-outdoor Napa living.

Luxury Outdoor Amenities: A 60' infinity pool with spa, covered dining areas, flat event pads, two fire pits, a bocce court, and meticulously curated ultra-lush landscaping create a resort-like atmosphere on the property.

Private Guest Accommodations: A 2-bedroom, 1,250 SF guest house offers the perfect retreat for visitors, providing comfort, privacy, and luxury for guests or can serve as a home office or studio.

Comprehensive Entertainment Venues: From the home theater for movie nights to the expansive areas ideal for hosting gatherings, the property is designed to entertain.

Personal Vineyard: A high-value 1.98-acre Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard offers not only a personal connection to Napa Valley's winemaking tradition but also the potential for creating your own label or simply enjoying the fruits of your land.

Additional Luxuries: Including a solar-heated pool and spa for year-round enjoyment, built-in freezer, sitting area in the primary bedroom for private relaxation, and a 4-car garage with a gym and office loft above, enhancing the functionality and luxury of the estate.

Proximity to Downtown Napa: While offering a serene retreat, the property remains conveniently close to downtown Napa Valley’s renowned restaurants, wineries, and cultural experiences, providing the best of both worlds.

About Napa, California

World-Renowned Wine Country: Napa Valley is globally acclaimed for its extensive vineyards and wineries, offering exclusive wine tasting experiences, private tours, and the opportunity to collect rare vintages directly from the source.

Gourmet Culinary Scene: Home to Michelin-starred restaurants and celebrity chefs, Napa provides an unmatched dining experience with farm-to-table dishes, private dining clubs, and culinary events set in picturesque vineyard settings.

Luxury Resorts and Spas: Napa's high-end resorts and spas offer opulent accommodations and rejuvenating treatments, blending relaxation with the natural beauty of wine country, perfect for weekend getaways or pampering retreats.

Elite Golf Courses: The valley features several prestigious golf clubs with impeccably maintained courses, providing a serene environment to enjoy a round of golf amidst the rolling hills and vineyards.

Private and Exclusive Living: Napa's real estate boasts luxurious estates, private villas, and bespoke properties, offering seclusion and privacy amidst the scenic landscapes, ideal for those seeking an exclusive lifestyle.

Art and Culture: With a vibrant arts scene, Napa Valley hosts art galleries, exhibitions, music festivals, and cultural events throughout the year, catering to the refined tastes of its residents and visitors.

Outdoor Adventure: Beyond the vineyards, Napa offers hiking, biking, hot air balloon rides, and horseback riding, allowing for adventures that explore the stunning natural surroundings and breathtaking views of the valley.

Yacht and Helicopter Tours: For a unique perspective of the valley, luxury yacht cruises on the Napa River and helicopter tours over the vineyards provide an extraordinary experience of wine country from the water and air.

Exclusive Membership Clubs: Napa's private clubs offer exclusive memberships for wine enthusiasts, providing access to special releases, VIP events, and networking opportunities with fellow connoisseurs.

Proximity to San Francisco and Bay Area: Located just an hour away from San Francisco, Napa offers a tranquil escape from the city while remaining close enough to enjoy the amenities and attractions of the Bay Area.