Experience the epitome of luxury at Vista Mirage Estate, a mid-century modern marvel featuring a unique 75-foot lap pool, panoramic valley and mountain views, and sustainable, high-end design elements.

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As the sun rises over Rancho Mirage, you wake up in your luxurious primary suite at 27 Grande View Ct. The first rays of light gently filter through the expansive windows, illuminating the sleek, mid-century modern design that defines your home. You step out onto the expansive deck, coffee in hand, and take in the breathtaking views of the valley floor and the Little San Bernadino Mountains. The serene morning air, coupled with the panoramic vistas, sets the tone for another perfect day in your architectural marvel. After a refreshing shower in your ensuite bathroom, you make your way downstairs to the heart of the home. The 75-foot lap pool is an impressive sight, with windows offering views into the pool from the entry, living room, dining room, and kitchen. You watch as your friends enjoy a morning swim, their laughter and splashing adding a lively energy to the tranquil setting. In the kitchen, the natural materials and environmentally forward-thinking design elements, including formaldehyde-free bamboo flooring, recycled-glass tiles, and terrazzo, create a space that is both stylish and sustainable. As you prepare breakfast, you appreciate the seamless blend of desert and water that Ana Escalante, Don Wexler, and Mark Nichols have masterfully created.

Mid-morning, you decide to take a dip in the pool yourself. The cool water is invigorating, and as you swim, you marvel at the innovative design that allows you to see underwater from various points inside the house. After your swim, you head to the pool casita, a versatile space that can serve as a guest house or additional bedroom. The outdoor shower and spacious freestanding sauna provide the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. The afternoon is spent exploring the beautifully landscaped grounds and enjoying the myriad of amenities your home offers. The owned solar panels provide sustainable energy, while the 24-hour security system ensures peace of mind. You take a leisurely stroll to the detached guest house, envisioning the memorable visits friends and family will have in this private, comfortable space. As evening approaches, you gather with friends on the expansive deck to watch the sunset. The cooling mister system provides a refreshing breeze as you sip cocktails and watch the shadows envelop the valley and distant mountains. The sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors, and you feel a deep sense of gratitude for the beauty and tranquility that surround you.

Dinner is a festive affair, prepared in the state-of-the-art kitchen and enjoyed in the elegant dining room. The seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces creates a perfect setting for entertaining, and the views of the illuminated pool add a touch of magic to the evening. After dinner, you retreat to the indoor spa, letting the warm water soothe your muscles and the serene ambiance calm your mind. The stars twinkle overhead, visible through the large windows, and you reflect on the extraordinary day you’ve had in this exceptional home. As you drift off to sleep in your luxurious primary suite, you feel a deep sense of satisfaction and contentment. The thoughtful design, unparalleled amenities, and breathtaking views make 27 Grande View Ct not just a house, but a home where every day feels like a retreat in paradise.

What’s To Love?

Architectural Marvel with Historical Significance: Designed by Ana Escalante with consulting by Don Wexler, this home blends mid-century modern aesthetics with environmentally forward-thinking design, making it a frequent feature in magazines and midcentury tours.

Spectacular 75-Foot Lap Pool: The unique pool design, with windows providing underwater views from the entry, living room, dining room, and kitchen, creates a stunning focal point and offers a delightful experience for both swimmers and observers.

Luxurious Outdoor Amenities: Enjoy the expansive deck with panoramic valley and mountain views, a pool casita with an outdoor shower and freestanding sauna, and a cooling mister system for ultimate relaxation and outdoor entertainment.

Sustainable and Modern Features: The home boasts formaldehyde-free bamboo flooring, recycled-glass tiles, terrazzo, and owned solar panels, combining luxury with eco-friendly living.

Versatile Living Spaces: With two large primary bedrooms, a smaller third bedroom, and a flexible pool casita, this home provides ample space and privacy for family and guests, along with a 3-car garage equipped with a Tesla charger.

About Rancho Mirage, California

Exclusive and Prestigious Community: Rancho Mirage is renowned for its affluent neighborhoods and elite lifestyle, attracting high-profile residents who value privacy, security, and luxurious living.

World-Class Golf Courses: Home to some of the finest golf courses in the country, including the prestigious Thunderbird Country Club and Tamarisk Country Club, offering unparalleled golfing experiences and exclusive memberships.

Luxury Resorts and Spas: Enjoy access to top-tier resorts such as The Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage and the renowned Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa, providing world-class wellness treatments, fine dining, and impeccable service.

Upscale Shopping and Dining: Indulge in high-end shopping at The River at Rancho Mirage and El Paseo Shopping District, complemented by gourmet dining options that cater to the most discerning palates.

Cultural and Recreational Attractions: Experience a rich array of cultural events, art galleries, and theaters, along with outdoor activities such as hiking and horseback riding in the stunning nearby desert landscapes and mountains, perfect for the adventurous and sophisticated lifestyle.

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