You know that one relative with the terribly-timed bit about how they bought their first house with two nickels and a bushel of blueberries—then sold it for half a million last year? While the rest of us are staring down a 7% interest rate and historic home prices?

Well, if you’re all out of eyerolls, avoid Driggs, Idaho.

Since 2020, local home prices in the idyllic Teton Mountains town have spiked nearly 80%, pushing the average cost for a modest, single-family home up from $560,000 to a cool $1 million. Local owners lucky enough to buy before the spike are now sitting on a gold mine—giving new meaning to ‘right place, right time.’

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What does it take to blaze your own trail in the commercial real estate sector? Join The Standouts host Aaron Grushow and real estate powerhouse Robert Rivani as they talk tips and success strategies for commercial agents and investors.



October marks annual ‘Buyer’s Week’

According to Realtor.com, October 1-7 is the best week of the year to buy property. Why?

  • Active listings typically hit their fall peak this week

  • Competition cools, extending the average days-on-market

  • Prices tend to dip just before winter

October’s sweet spot can save buyers an average of $15,000 and give them a bit of extra negotiating room. Especially in pricey markets like LA, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston.


Glennda’s Guru

They don’t teach this in RE school

Does AI play a role in your social media marketing strategy? According to Coffee and Contracts owner and social media expert Haley Ingram, maybe it should! On this episode of Glennda’s Guru, Haley shares her top three best tips for building your social media presence—and why gorgeous home photography alone just won’t cut it.


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📖 Money talks. The appraisal process, made simple.

👀 Two-state touchdown. Inside Patrick Mahomes’ multi-million-dollar real estate holdings.

👀 Cool or canceled? Let’s talk Tuscan kitchens.

💡 Seamless buying and selling. How to land a new home while listing your old one.

💡 Level up your leads. ICYMI, catch Josh Flagg’s luxury listings strategy masterclass.

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