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Join The Blueprint Podcast hosts James Harris and David Parnes for a free webinar for time-strapped agents and industry pros. In Beyond Boundaries – Mastering the Arts of Around-the-Clock Client Success in Real Estate, James and David will sit down with Fraser Wilson of SignMore to talk time-saving strategies and exceptional client support, followed by a live Q&A session. Next Wednesday, March 13th, at 10am PDT.

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 ⏯️ Today’s Top Watch:

Scott from Real Estate Report shares shocking short-term rental news from Palm Springs that could ripple across the whole city, why this might be a renters market, and how AI is driving new business for agents. Check out the latest episode now for this week’s top industry updates.


Mega merge on the horizon?

Later this month, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation will decide whether districts should continue hearing each real estate commission lawsuit individually, or if the complaints should be consolidated into one giant legal headache single-court case. With over 30 stakeholders from big names like Redfin, Compass, and even the NAR weighing in—mostly against the merger—it’s sure to be an industry-shifting decision.

  • Those against ‌court case consolidation argue it could muddle the details of distinct local issues and unfairly burden the defendants—all 131 of them.

  • Those for the merger say it could expedite the critical decision and reduce the risk of inconsistent rulings across the country.

  • There’s a split camp on where to host the case if the consolidation goes through. Some believe a Missouri courtroom would be biased to repeat the Sitzer/Burnett decision, and call for a Texas or Illinois court. Others cite Judge Stephen Bough’s fitting experience on that case as the key reason to keep the rulings in town.


The Friday Five

📖 How low to go. Glennda shares her strategy for pricing right. 

👀 Itty bitty borough. Tour the mansion with a tiny town in its backyard. 

👀 Top 10. Scroll through the 10 priciest real estate deals of last week.

💡Best in business. Why physical business cards are your most affordable and underused asset.

💡The Great Compression. The surprising way builders are cutting costs in Middle America. 


Real estate must-haves

In part three of their training series with Real Estate U, Josh Flagg and Tracy Tutor share what experience new agents need before launching their career, plus the early struggle that motivated Tracy to reach her first 6-figure year. 

Watch their latest interview for advice on joining a high-performance team, growing beyond residential real estate, transitioning from side hustle to full career, and more.


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