Looks like interest rates are taking the leap year literally. 

Earlier this week, Fannie Mae released a revised estimate on where it expects mortgage rates to settle for the current period. Initially optimistic that last year’s ‘hot rate summer’ was a one-time spike, the firm has now bumped its prediction up from 6.1% to 6.5% for a fixed-rate 30-year mortgage. 

For buyers, that means all signs are pointing up—inventory and prices also rose slightly in January.


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Builder Buy-Downs

These days, builders are doing everything they can to keep new homes affordable—even buying down mortgage rates to make new construction more accessible. According to the latest data from the Census Bureau, new home sales increased 1.5% from December to January. But with 456,000 new homes still for sale—and interest rates holding steady at over 7%, builders are willing to get creative to keep their inventory moving. 

Why builders choose buydowns over price cuts:

  • Mortgage rate buydowns allow builders to sell their properties for less without reducing the price of their listings. In fact, in September, when existing home sales plummeted, new home sales surged to their highest level since February 2022 despite new home prices increasing. 

  • Interest rates are consistently a pain point for buyers. Advertising a lower-than-market rate and ongoing savings motivates buyers without the stigma of price cuts. 

  • Buydowns also protect the appraisal value of the builders’ properties. By holding values steady, they can incentivize today’s buyers with a low rate, while locking in higher future prices when the going interest rate drops. 


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