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 🔊Today’s Top Podcast Rec:

Why aren’t home prices coming down yet? Scott from Real Estate Report breaks down three key reasons, including hedge funds, Jeff Bezos, and low inventory—plus one ambitious bill that aims to change things.


High stakes and record breaks

Turns out even the ultra-wealthy felt the weight of inflation last year. Between market uncertainty and sluggish stocks, mega-mansion sales dipped for the first time since 2020. Just 29 properties sold for $50 million or more in 2023, compared to 45 in 2022. Most of these high-value properties were sold in luxury pockets across New York, Florida, and California. 

Check out the three biggest real estate deals that defined 2023:

  1. $190 million. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are crazy in love with their new Malibu home, designed by famed architect Tadao Ando. From concept to construction, this 30,000-square-foot concrete estate took over 15 years to complete—and it now holds the record for the priciest property sold in California.

  2. $170 million. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters founder Robert Stiller sold his 1.6-acre oceanfront estate in Palm Beach to luxury car dealer Michael Cantanucci in an off-market deal, after reportedly paying just $25 million for it a decade ago. 

  3. $155 million. Cosmetics heir William Lauder picked up a 2.7-acre property from the late Rush Limbaugh's widow. The massive estate features three homes and four guest houses, with a layout and design inspired by the Palace of Versailles. 


The Friday Five

📖 Getting Gucci. Glennda’s new boots were made for selling. Here’s why you need a “magic” opportunity, too.

👀 Multi-millions. A quick recap of today’s LA housing market—and what’s coming next. 

👀 The pyramid house. Featuring two bedrooms, three bathrooms, 96 acres, and two Egyptian pyramids.  

💡Social search. How to use social media search to generate new local leads. 

💡Low risk, high reward. Why owner financing may be the next major lending trend. 


From ‘cookie-cutter’ to curbside charm

If cost-friendly equals cookie-cutter in your local market, Paige Wassel has just the personalization inspo you need to put a unique touch on your space. When the affordable and the ideal don’t quite align, these 13 budget- and DIY-friendly upgrades can make your (or your client’s!) property stand out on a street of sameness.


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