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With over two decades of industry experience buying, selling, and building, Raleigh Realtor Gretchen Coley knows real estate inside and out. In this week’s episode of Glennda’s Guru, Gretchen shares her story, including how fitness and nutrition fuel her success, what energizes her business, and the advice she’d give her younger self.


Rental Rates Are On The Rise

They don’t know about you, but renters are feeling like it’s ‘22. Last month, asking rents reached their highest point in nearly two years, coming in just shy of the all-time rental rate record. This uptick follows a year of plateauing rates across much of the country—and even a decline in some major markets. 

By the numbers:

  • Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, and Chicago have seen significant double-digit rent increases year-over-year.

  • While multifamily unit construction ramped up during the pandemic, slowing construction rates over the past year, plus the influx of young renters price-locked out of buying, have boosted rental demand and rates. 

  • The national rental vacancy rate has stabilized at around 6.6%, the highest seen since 2021, which indicates rent may be nearing a high—or a reversal. 


The Friday Five

📖 Show your worth. Why so many agents publicize themselves wrong—and how to avoid this mistake. 

👀 Storming the castle. Even the drawbridge couldn’t stop this listing larceny. 

👀 Oakdale at Mordecai. Tour a charming modern-meets-classic home just north of downtown Raleigh. 

💡ICYMI. The best moments from Glennda’s recent interview on Rise Above the Ranks with James Harris and David Parnes. 

💡Present like a pro. How Tracy Tutor turns listing pitch appointments into lifelong clients.


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