A glimpse of relief for buyers?


What’s behind real estate’s youthful glow? 

According to a recent Redfin report, in 2023, 40% of new mortgages went to buyers under 35 years old, and a third of homes that hit the market were new builds—more than double the rate seen in 2019. Between young buyers and surging new construction, it looks like the next generation of homebuying is officially here to stay. 


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At the core of every conversion is conversation—connecting with a potential client, showing your worth, and inviting them into a partnership. And if you ask social media star and top agent Glennda Baker just how those conversations get started, she’ll tell you this is the key to amplifying your connections.


Price Cuts

This summer could offer softening sales prices for buyers willing to brave interest rates. In May, price reductions hit a nearly two-year high and the median asking price declined for the first time in six months. Those shifts, paired with an increase in time-on-market, mean today’s buyers may find a bit of price relief—and have a few extra days to compare options. 

By the numbers:

  • Last month, the percentage of sellers cutting their asking prices rose to 6.4% nationally, pushing the median asking price down about $3,000 to $417,000. 

  • For the first time in eight months, inventory levels rose year-over-year, meaning homes are staying on the market a bit longer than they did last fall. 

  • The average monthly housing payment for buyers fell to its lowest in six weeks at $2,812. 


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Home Prices Get political

In a study by Housing Performance and the Electorate, which analyzed home prices and election results by county over the past six election cycles, the authors found a surprising link between price fluctuations and voting preferences. Watch this week’s episode of Let’s Get To The Point with agent and host Jeffrey St. Arromand for a deep dive into why home prices drive vote-switching, plus four can’t-miss real estate headlines from the past week.

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