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Ready or not—we’re smack dab in the middle of 2024. Whether you’re in the ‘year is half over’ camp or believe ‘half the year has yet to come!’ 12:01am on July 2 marks this year’s turning point—and the ideal time to pause and reflect.

Today’s edition is packed full of tips, success stories, stats, and strategies for real estate growth and personal development—if you’re willing to engage.

With 6 months left on the calendar, the choice is yours: Grab on and dig in, or let the best of this year pass you by.


🔊 Today’s Top Reading Rec:

In this short-but-sharp episode of Rise Above the Ranks, James and David continue their can’t-miss interview with international broker and three-decade industry veteran Glennda Baker. They dive deep into the inspiration behind her podcast, Glennda’s Guru, the role of content creation today, and how she achieves true work-life balance.


That’s Another All-time High

The housing market continued its record-setting streak in May—and shows few signs of slowing down. According to new data from NAR, the median price of a previously owned home rose for the eleventh straight month, reaching a historic high of $419,300.

  • May’s sky-high median existing home price represents a 5.8% increase from this time last year

  • To afford it, the median-income household now needs to save over $127,000 for their down payment

While affordability dropped last month, there are a few positive signs for buyers. Total inventory is up 18.5% year-over-year, and there’s a chance the Fed will pull interest rates back a bit later this year.


The Friday Five

📖 Dystopian spaceship house. Cell block or modern art?

👀 Destabilizing rent. A million NYC apartments will be impacted by this new ruling. 

👀 Real estate beef. Drake and Kendrick take their tussle to the real estate world.

💡 A-List Masterclass. How Josh Flagg integrated his personality into his visual brand.

💡 When will rates drop? Agent Stuart Crowell’s take on interest rates in 2024 and 2025.


Welcome to Casa Encantada

Ask luxury agent Josh Flagg and he’ll tell you, priced at $195M, Casa Encantada is undoubtedly the most important (and finest, and iconic) estate in the US. This storybook property, formerly owned by Conrad Hilton of the Hilton Hotels, is perched on over eight acres of lush grounds and has been meticulously restored in the deco Hollywood style. 

Tour the property with Josh, and see the stunning scale for yourself.

Like what you see? Reach out to listing agent Gretchen Coley to learn more and schedule your tour.


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