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Catch up on market trends, career kickstarters, and tips for making viral content, with Ricky Carruth and Glennda Baker.



The UAW strike hits home(s)

Cars aren’t the only big ticket item that stands to be impacted by the United Auto Workers strike. According to Redfin, this historic strike—the first targeting the three biggest domestic automakers simultaneously—has the potential to affect local home prices, inventory levels, and even the federal interest rate.

  • Key strike regions, like Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri, could see a real estate slowdown as workers and plants lose income, and demand at supporting businesses slows.

  • Rising car prices serve as fuel for inflation, which may motivate the already hike-happy Fed to continue raising interest rates.

With the UAW threatening to expand the strike if no agreement is reached today, this ongoing strike may be the biggest real estate market disruptor of late 2023—creating once-a-year opportunities for both buyers and agents.


Josh Flagg’s Masterclass

Million Dollar Listing’s Josh Flagg (1.4m followers) reveals his Masterclass secrets on how to always win the listing, close the deal, and be one of the most successful agents in luxury real estate.

The Standouts

Aaron Grushow is a SoCal luxury realtor and one of social media’s most-followed real estate agents. In The Standouts, he explores the nuances behind growing a massive online following and creating compelling, authentic content that translates into business.

Forreal Estate

Mortgage broker and viral sensation Margot Ettedgui (350k followers), breaks down pop culture, real estate trends, deals, and celebrity home gossip.  

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We’ve partnered with over 20 of the top real estate agents and pros around the world, including Million Dollar Listing LA star Tracy Tutor, social media megastars Glennda Baker and Aaron Grushow, and top agents and brokers like Ricky Carruth (Alabama’s top broker), Delroy Gill (Top Black Male Realtor), and Stuart Crowell (Luxury Agent).

Together with these pros, we’re releasing a slate of podcasts, digital series, and courses to inform and entertain. And we can’t wait to share this incredible content with you.

Learn more about our launch—and what’s next for our star-studded lineup—in this week’s press:

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