Next stop, the Roaring 20s

Next stop, the Roaring 20s!

What’s up, friends? This week, families all across the U.S. are enjoying spring break. Maybe you’re heading somewhere tropical or heading to the slopes for some end-of-season skiing, but it got me thinking… You know what we don’t do much anymore? Travel by train.

This week’s listing will take you straight back to the glory days of train travel.
Once the epitome of luxury and glamour, long-distance train travel has seen a decline in popularity compared to its heyday in the early 1900s. Back then, train travel was not just a means of transportation but an experience in itself, with lavish Pullman train cars offering opulent accommodations and fine dining on the rails. Did you know, before the days of private jets, the mega-wealthy would own their own private train cars to attach to commercial trains?

Today, let’s check out this actual, honest-to-goodness 1925 Pullman car that’s been refurbished into a functional dwelling. And if you buy it, the seller will help you ship it wherever you want it to go. That’s so cool. 

The first stop is this observation lounge, now reimagined as a sitting area. This spacious living room is at the back entrance to the train car and would have been where travelers sat to watch the world go by on their journey.

I absolutely love the custom upholstery and western-themed antler light fixtures. As you head down the hallway, you’ll find bunkrooms and office spaces, bathrooms, and even a stand-up shower! 

I’m a fan of how the shower is pocketed between two bunkrooms. It’s a great use of space. 

At the other end of the car is the second former observation lounge, which is now a dining room. With antler fixtures, of course. 

Check out the stained-glass cowboy window details on the cabinets with carved wooden rope/lasso motifs.

And now you all know how much I love a good kitchen. This is not it, but given the constraints and the need for functionality, the stainless commercial look was not a bad solution.

This is such an interesting home, and to get an idea of the actual layout, I need to show you this picture from the kitchen end, through the dining room, and back down the long hall to the living room. 

Can you just imagine the swaying and chugging of the train as it made its way through the American landscape of 1925, the 20s still roaring? It must have been incredible. 

I’d buy this Pullman if I had anywhere to park it, but I don’t know how many of you feel the same. Still, it might be $249,000 well spent if you could rent it out as a unique short-term rental property or use it as a family vacation spot. 

I’ll leave you with this last view of the Pullman—does anyone else see the cute face on the roof?

If you want to experience the good old days of train travel, I recommend checking out some heritage train routes. My family tried the Royal Gorge Railroad in Colorado last year, and the scenery was spectacular!

Til next week, travel safe!

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