Have a weekend getaway, without leaving your house.

How does one beat the humid Florida heat? Not by living at a resort, but on your resort.

This over 20k sqft home, on a 4.78-acre lot, is its own resort. At a $30 million dollar price point, it’s no surprise that three former sports stars have owned this property in the last 23 years. And with amenities up the wazoo, it even has some that I never saw coming.

The rooms of the home are accented with stone walls, wall-mounted fish, and huge aquariums punctuated by some strangely dated furniture choices.

All of these features are contrasted by a lot of mixed wood flooring and paneling found throughout the home. I’m dizzy just looking at all these different flooring choices!

Okay, now you’ve got to strap in because the notable amenities of this home are going to take you for a wild ride.

Picture this: you’re throwing a party later this evening. What do you do?

Well, of course, you go to your fully equipped home gym for a workout, warm up in the sauna/steam room, cool down in your ventilated cigar lounge (next to the wine cellar), then stop by the hair salon for a blowout.

At the party, entertain guests at your bowling alley, home theater, arcade, jam session space, or home bar! There are plenty of activity spaces… maybe too many? And the decor is all too 80s, if you ask me.

No need to worry about your kids! Between their double-decker playroom and prehistoric-themed bedroom, they’ve got plenty to keep them occupied.

And when the kids want to head outside, why head to a local public playground when they can play at the one in your backyard?

Plus, while the kids run around, you can enjoy your own tennis/basketball court, sand volleyball court, zip line, vegetable garden, and boat house with private dock!

To end with a bang, I thought we could see this pool -though calling it just a “pool” feels like an understatement when it’s really more like a water park.

With two outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and a swim-up bar and hibachi grill, this is definitely where I would have loved to ride out the pandemic with my 30-40 closest friends.

What a life!

Would you like to have all those amenities? Or would you prefer to have the occasional reason to leave your house?

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