January 29, 2024

Come On, Barbara, Let’s Be Festive

What’s up, friends? I’ve been busy with my New Year’s Resolution of purging and home organizing, which in the intermediate phase just means my house looks like complete chaos.🤪And speaking of chaos, this week’s deep dive may just be the most chaotic house yet.

After that, scroll down to the bottom for more listing links. This week, we’re serving up some truly 🏰Mega Mansions, three 🐮Bewildering Barndominiums (how do you feel about sleeping in your garage?), three ⛪Creative Church Conversions, and finally, some🌿Rustic Roofs (certified organic!).

I’m hopping on the big pink bandwagon this week to show you something truly unique in Wisconsin, not too far across the St.Croix River from the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN metro area. 

If you don’t love pink, it’s time to avert your eyes. Ready? 

I warned you. It doesn’t get much pinker than this. This spacious Victorian, built in 1900, has seven bedrooms and is currently used as a licensed short-term rental, which is fun if you and all your closest friends want to get together and sleep inside a Pepto-Bismol® bottle. 

Surely the inside can’t be as pink as the outside?

But it’s just the entranceway and the kitchen, right?

Oh, and the second-floor landing and the dining room. That must the the end of it…

Wait! There’s more. Pink pool, anyone?

The pool and dining room actually hold clues to this old house’s dark secret… and no, it’s not one of those weird, sickly Victorian child ghosts. 

Can you figure it out? 

That’s right. The only other aesthetic in this home is…Goth.  Don’t believe me? Peep these bedrooms:

The two styles even meet in the middle of the home’s front parlor.

Then there’s the home theater with grey crushed velvet walls.

This property also has a two-car detached garage and private driveway, so you don’t have to park on the street and block the neighbors’ view, especially when it’s all lit up at night.

Now, is it a sight for sore eyes? You decide. This one-of-a-kind home can be yours for the low, low price of $1,100,000. 

So, what do you think, friends? Are you tickled pink, or does this house make you need that Pepto®? 

‘Til next time,

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