February 12, 2024

Nostalgic Americana with 4 Acres

Ever dreamt of living in a recreation of an old Texaco gas station? Well, if this niche-interest appeals to you, there happens to be one such 3-building listing in Iola, Wisconsin. Sure, there’s not much else around, but you can probably get some darn good cheese. 

Before we check out our main listing, don’t forget to find more links at the bottom of this newsletter. Today we’ve got:

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Back to our main listing… this property features a cozy cottage, a giant garage, and, just for fun, a ‘playhouse’ that could be a bar, game room, or even a hot dog hut, as the listing suggests. There’s also over 4 acres of land, complete with an already-fenced garden space. Let’s take a look. 

Your Texaco station/house is only 700 square feet, but it’s well-appointed for its size. Look how adorable this is!

There’s a single bedroom that’s roomy enough for two:

And a loft for guests: 

Or, maybe, a singular guest.

The kitchen is fairly large, given the size of the house, and the solid oak custom cabinetry gives it a homey feel:

Next, I’d like to introduce you to the Bus Barn:

This enormous workshop space has two bays for all your toys, and there’s a guest suite upstairs, so you can invite more friends over to play. And, surprise! There are RV hook-ups for up to six units…party time! 

The last building is ready to be whatever you want to make of it. I’m picturing it with barstools and a foosball table, but it could be a man cave, she-shed, or anything in between. I’m imagining a vintage ice cream parlor to match the vibe of the Texaco station.

The main downside I can see to this listing is that it’s solidly in the middle of nowhere, and I’d bet that the winters aren’t very pleasant. But, it’s priced at $449,000, which is reasonable for the acreage.

What do you think, friends? What would you do with a garage bigger than your house? 

‘Til next time!

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