January 22, 2024

A Guitar-Shaped House🎸

Hey friends! Grab your earplugs and brace yourselves for a one-of-a-kind property – 115 Wilkins Road, the house shaped like a guitar.

After that, scroll down to the bottom of this email to find three 💒Charming Churches (some SUPER tiny chapels for sale), three🕰️Totally Time Capsules (that are positively stuck in the 60s and 70s), some listings with 😮Staggering Square Footage (each over 20k sqft), and lastly, some 🛩️Hangar Houses (homes that come with a little extra room for your personal plane.)

So, have you ever dreamt of living in a house shaped like a guitar? No? Well, neither have I…

It turns out this house was built by singer/songwriter Elvis Carden, who claims God told him to do it. “I had a vision when I got back from Vietnam,” he said, to build a giant guitar-shaped structure unlike anything the world had ever seen. Even though he was only 18, he drew up the blueprints on a cardboard box. He had wanted it to be a mall with a bowling alley, but he didn’t have the funds, so he made it a house.

Originally, the house had wire cables on the roof as strings, big white balls for the keys, and there is a skylight for the Soundhole. Pilots have a habit of taking pictures of it from the sky and using it as a way-finding point because the neck points right to the nearest airport.

The house was recently renovated with new HVAC, plumbing, electric, septic, wood floors, etc, which is probably a good thing because Elvis is said to have built it himself with his Dad over a period of 16 long years!

The only problem is, they must have run out of their budget when it came time to do the Kitchen. Is that a literal rag hanging over the kitchen plumbing?

There’s a downstairs kitchen, too, and that one is slightly unfinished as well.

But believe it or not, this home actually has three kitchens, so it can be divided up into three separate units, with two for renters and one for the owner.

But just beware of the drones overhead! Apparently, drone enthusiasts like to fly over the house to take pictures, so the only music you’ll be hearing is the sweet sounds of drone blades buzzing overhead.

Til next time!

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