And St. Louis' Lafayette Park is Your Front Yard

There’s a former church for sale in Saint Louis, Missouri, with an incredible feature you won’t find just about anywhere… an absolutely massive pipe organ right in the living room!

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1505 Missouri Ave APT 2E, Saint Louis, MO 63104

Does it take up a massive amount of space? Are you worried about heating and cooling a house with jaw dropping 35+ foot cathedral ceilings? Do you think your neighbors might call the cops if you actually played your fancy pipe organ? The answer to all these questions is undoubtedly yes, but it’s still SO cool. Imagine hosting a dinner party in your elevated dining room?

Let’s check out the rest of the unit.

There are stained glass windows throughout, and the back of the pipe organ is preserved and exposed for added character in the kitchen. Despite the challenges of converting such a large open space to a residential unit, the conversation works pretty well. There are even some fun little nooks and crannies, like this lofted bedroom at the top of a small spiral staircase.

And the best part? This unit sits right on Lafayette Park in Saint Louis. Imagine having this as your front yard!?

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