The only caveat: the windows might give you vertigo

Sometimes homes are basic: a cookie-cutter McMansion. Sometimes homes have character: antique features galore. And sometimes homes are works of art. Let’s let you decide what category this one falls into…

Built by architect Lewis A. Rightmier in 2005, this 10 million dollar home has slanted its way onto my list of never-before-seen home structures. Also, it’s on its own peninsula. So, naturally, that does mean it includes a private water entry and boat dock.

Honestly, the outward-slanted windows will give you vertigo. And these are just the outdoor pictures…

This entryway is entrancing! From the shades of clean-cut wood, the circular art piece, delicate greenery, and the hint of cobblestone. The way that this space plays with the repetition of lines is echoed throughout the home as well.

The outward-slanted walls do provide extra upward real estate on a somewhat narrow lot. The sharp line imagery visually -and literally- lengthens the spaces.

Other than the outward-slanted walls, my only other gripe with this home is the incessant curly railings. They feel very out of place against the predominant straight angles all around.

Upstairs, the slanting walls give these bedrooms and bathrooms a bit of extra space.

Sure, a relaxing bath overlooking the lake sounds lovely, but putting it next to that window would just make me feel like I was about to fall out!

It’s a beautiful property in a beautiful location. At the same time, though, it’s just not ideal for those of us who require Dramamine to appreciate its views.

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