August 24, 2023


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What’s new, Zillowtastrofriends?

Be honest. Haven’t you always wanted to live in a pre-war Tudor brick townhouse? What if I told you you could live out that dream, except for one thing…it needs a bit of updating.

That is, of course, unless you love all of the following: Florals, stripes, pink, linoleum, animal print, outdated kitchens, basement bedrooms, and (and this part is crucial) creepy clowns and a slightly murder–y back courtyard.

The best part? It’s a 2-family home, so you can invite your best friend to come live upstairs. That’s right. You can enjoy all the amenities this gem has to offer AND share them with a buddy. (Or rent it out to a stranger, but where’s the fun in that?)

Let’s start with these kitchens, huh?

Don’t be shy…do you prefer the floral table or the floral walls? This is a tough choice.

You’ll also find a range of bedrooms to meet your style. If your style is “Help, I’m stuck in the past!”

First, You’ve got this paneled basement bedroom, in all its pressed-pine glory.

Maybe you’re more of a pink, ruffly person…

Or, whatever this is…

Be sure to ask if the clowns come with the house.

But enough about the irrelevant things like where to eat and where to sleep.

Let’s talk about the big stuff, and by that, I mean big bathrooms and big couches.

Lots of room to contemplate life and have fake arguments in the shower with these mostly monochromatic bad boys. Plus, that leopard-print wallpaper in the blue bath? Chef’s kiss 

And where would you rather sit? On the batik sofa under the peacocks?

Or the brocade sectional in several lovely shades of mustard?

Personally, I think the most incredible thing about this property is that they managed to cram all this amazingness into a space just 15’ feet wide. And while the inside gives major “Granny went antiquing again” vibes, the exterior has that wonderful, stately Tudor feel that we all know and love. Add a charming wrought-iron fence around the front garden, and it’s got a certain appeal, interior time capsule aside.

So, what do you think? Would you tackle the updates on this property, leave it as is, or leave it in the past from whence it came?

‘Til next time!

Jess @Zillowtastrophes

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