January 15, 2024

A Real “Glass” Act!

Today, I’m taking you to an incredible property in Tucson, Arizona made from stone, concrete, wood beams, and a surprising building material… thousands upon thousands of recycled glass bottles! After that, scroll down to the bottom of this email to find three more 🌠Eclectic Earthships, followed by three 🔑Rental Ready properties (including a Barbie dream house and a 10-acre micro-event venue for only $800k), then three backyard 🏄‍♂️Wild Waterparks (one has its own lazy river!), and we’ll finish it up with three stunning 🏛️Postbellum Palaces.

🍾Now, on to our desert bottle house…

Each room gets an impressive amount of natural light while keeping the interior cool in the desert heat.

The builder didn’t just build the house; they created furniture out of recycled materials as well, from this breakfast nook bench to this floral concrete dining table to several benches and chairs and even bed platforms that line the walls of the home.

There’s even a custom-made pool table in an outdoor covered kitchen and workshop structure next to the main cottage. Despite its four sets of legs, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Of course, depending on the buyer, the furniture’s permanence could be a bonus or a serious drawback. On the one hand, this place comes practically fully furnished! On the other hand, you can’t change the configurations of the rooms, and the bedrooms are locked into bed placement and size.

Here in the primary bedroom suite, there’s a king-sized concrete slab for your bed, concrete block bedside tables, and one of the most unique bathrooms you’ve ever seen…

And while you might be living here to commune with nature, there’s always the issue of just how close you want nature to be. For example, the builders installed an old bike wheel instead of a window in this bathroom!

Desert creatures-notwithstanding, this property is a true labor of love and work of art and could be the perfect desert retreat if you’re willing and able to keep up with ongoing maintenance and possibly even expand the structures into more usable living space.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of building with glass bottles, you could always start with a wall in your garden. There are lots of tutorials online, but keep in mind that you’ll need to have a lead on thousands of similarly shaped and sized glass bottles! Better start getting to know your local recycling professionals now! ♻️

‘Til next time!

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