Stay safe during the #endtimes… or just turn it into an epic paintball course?

If you follow the Doomsday Clock, you know we’re currently just 90 seconds to Midnight. Whoever build this week’s expansive survivalist fort was certainly paying attention, because this $1.1M partially underground triplex is built to withstand any number of apocalyptic scenarios.

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Today, we are in South Range, WI, a rural area south of Duluth located near Lake Superior. Built in 1979, the compound has three units with nine total bedrooms, four total bathrooms, and 5,277 combined square feet. It was “hand-crafted” by three prepping family members “as a safe place to get away from it all.”

The underground house is built to last out of stone and mortar with poured concrete walls. You’ll be well-hidden from any eyes in the sky with a “living roof” of grass over rubber, Spancrete, and hollow core ceiling slabs.

For those of you looking for a bug-out location, this property sits on 80(!) acres (five acres of cleared land) with apple trees, a frontage on the Little Amnicon River, and two wells. It also has a generator house and a tower for an old wind generator.

But I haven’t even gotten to the best part… you’re basically living in your own fortress…

Check out this interior stronghold. This would be the coolest place to play paintball… or even, say… train a well-armed militia if that’s what you’re into.

As I mentioned, the interior is currently split into three separate units. And while the spaces can feel a touch dated, they’re in excellent condition and get a surprising amount of natural light. No need to feel like a mole-person while you’re hiding out here!

There’s even a sauna in one of the units. Presumably for easing your weary muscles after you’ve worked all day picking apples in the orchard and catching your dinner down at the river.

So, what do you all think? Are you getting ready to text your two closest friends and make a go of an off-grid lifestyle? Or is it just a bit too much to maintain for your liking?

Til next week,

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