Once owned by artist Martin Prekop…

The viral Pittsburgh “Mirror House” has hit the market once again. Built in 1969, this property is absolutely COVERED on the exterior with mirrors, creating a stunning effect reflecting the surrounding landscape in a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes. It was once owned by artist Martin Prekop, a former dean at Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Fine Arts. It took him ten years to cover the exterior in thousands of 2 x 8 inch mirrored tiles.

 The interior is surprisingly minimalist, with clean lines and an abundance of natural light coming from the home’s 25(!) skylights and extra space (it’s a sprawling 4,291 square feet).

With all that natural light, the mirrors throughout the home give a sense of infinite space, making the rooms feel even larger. Throughout the day, the mirrors on the falls bounce light around the interior, creating a glowing effect as the sun rises or sets.

This home has a kitchen any chef would drool over, a garage-turned-art studio, a home theatre, and a spacious backyard, but there are two spaces that might just give the average visitor a bit of vertigo.

Take a look at the dining room, featuring dozens of mirrors on the ceiling and a black and white painted table and chairs. (The hand-painted table was actually created by Prekop and based on a pattern he created for Carnegie Mellon’s Zebra Lounge.) There are even glittering mirrored chandeliers that make light and shadow dance across the walls and ceilings.

Check out the primary bathroom. The black-and-white woodgrain pattern continues all over the walls and even onto the black jacuzzi tub! I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine taking a very restful soak in this dizzying space.

The listing went viral in May 2023 and attracted several potential buyers, but it was removed in January of this year after a sale fell through. This former suburban split-level sure isn’t just one of the crowd anymore—but do you think you could live in it?

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