Don’t let the rainbows deceive you…

In Vegas, some people perform on big elaborate stages for live audiences. Others perform from the comfort and solitude of their home.

Today’s 7 bed, 6 bath home is what people online would call a “content house,” of sorts. What type of content? The adult kind. 

How do I know that? Well, with a neon sign in the bodacious living room, and cross-referencing photos on Instagram, it’s pretty evident:

As you’ve seen, the entryway is very in-your-face. And its surrounding hallways and rooms have the same colorful, outlandish aesthetic.

Don’t get me wrong: some of these quirky pieces are cool! It’s just clear that this isn’t your typical home.  

Various living spaces provide plenty of space for content creation. And, yes, that is a dancing pole.

The colors persist into the primary bedroom and ensuite. 

I don’t understand this home’s obsession with not touching the floor; So many tiny mismatched rugs, a swing, and an elevated standing bathtub! 

Did you enjoy the color matching between rooms? I hope so because they do it again and again:

Bubblegum pink is cutesy with a hint of nature.

Pastel green is relaxing, yet also slightly jungle-esque.

Groovy purple (and black) is very disco, devoid of all outdoors.

Do we think the designers chose these themes by using color psychology? Or were these just the cheapest options to furnish a room with?

In opposition to everything aforementioned, the guest house feels like they ran out of money.

It’s like they slapped a boudoir photo on the wall, threw some Amazon Basics utensils around, and then called it done. 

Finally, if all the indoor cardio space wasn’t enough, there’s a private half basketball court. This backyard is perfect for a warm-up, a cool-down, and (as the internet says) “touch grass”.

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