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Zillow raises its projection for home value growth

Zillow’s latest forecast shows home values will appreciate by 5.8% by the end of 2023, up from the 5.5% projection it made last month. Here’s what else Zillow reports:

  • Just over half as many homes were listed for sale in July compared to the same month in 2019

  • 29% fewer new listings entered the market in July than compared to this time of year prior to the pandemic

  • Zillow expects 4.2 million home sales in 2023, a 17% decline from 2022

Our take

What a dramatic turn this forecast has taken! No one was even thinking that prices would rise by this much, not even Zillow, which is typically on the more optimistic end of the prediction spectrum. But don’t let that good news distract you from the not-so-good news. That decline in sales volume is quite steep. Prepare for a slowdown in deals, even as prices rise.

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New-home size hits 13-year low

Source: Unsplash

Builders are constructing smaller homes in response to the housing affordability crunch. The median square footage of a home under construction was 2,191 sq. ft. in Q2, the lowest since 2010, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau. These are other key takeaways:

  • The size of US homes is down 3% compared to Q1 2023, and down 6% compared to the end of 2021

  • Home size rose from 2009 to 2015 as entry-level new construction lost market share during the Great Recession, an declined between 2016 and 2020 as more starter homes were developed

  • Homes being built do vary in size based on their regions:

    • Northeast: 2,410 sq. ft.

    • South: 2,248 sq. ft.

    • West: 2,135 sq. ft.

    • Midwest: 1,979 sq. ft.

Our take

It makes a lot of sense that homes are shrinking. During the pandemic, when mortgage rates were ridiculously low, people could afford to build bigger homes. They also wanted homes with offices, since remote work looked like it was here to stay. But as rates went back up and builders needed to cut costs, home sizes started to dwindle. If those rates keep going up, we expect that home size will continue to shrink.

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Where the most new-homes are being built

Nearly one-third (31.4%) of homes for sale are new construction, up from the 30.3% they accounted for last year and almost double the 17% from Q2 2019. According to Redfin, that’s the highest share of any second quarter on record, with new construction keeping the housing market afloat amid the severe shortage of existing homes for sale.

Markets with the most new construction

  1. El Paso, TX (52%)

  2. Omaha, NE (46%)

  3. Raleigh, NC (42%)

  4. Oklahoma City, OK (39%)

  5. Boise, ID (38%)

Markets with the least new construction

  1. Honolulu, HI (2.8%)

  2. San Diego, CA (3.3%)

  3. Pittsburg, PA (3.3%)

  4. Oxnard, CA (3.7%)

  5. Detroit, MI (3.8%)

Our take

Without a doubt, homebuilders are the ones who have kept the housing market afloat. Expect them to make up the lion’s share of inventory throughout the rest of this year and next. Right now, homeowners are sitting on such incredibly low rates that they aren’t going to be selling anytime soon… not until mortgage rates drop, along with yields on the 10-year treasury. Unfortunately, there is no telling when that will happen. Thankfully, builders are making up the slack by still offering sweetheart deals for buyers.

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The news that just missed the cut

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