What could 24/7 availability do for you?

Do you know how many calls you miss each week? The answer might surprise you. According to data from SignMore, around 25% of all real estate calls come outside of office hours.  

A Forbes study found that 80% of potential clients will call a competitor rather than leave a voicemail. 

What if we told you that we have a solution to capture every opportunity in real-time? And, no – we’re not talking about chatbots or automated voice services. We mean real people, by your side  24/7 – answering your calls, qualifying your leads, and scheduling your appointments. 

Say hello to SignMore.

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Join our one-hour FREE webinar: Beyond Boundaries – Mastering the art of around-the-clock client success in real estate. Next Wednesday, March 13th, at 10am PST.

As you ramp up your marketing activity in 2024, it’s SO important that you have the processes in place to support the boost in inquiries. And with buyers coming from further afield, real estate has never been more 24/7. That’s why the Blueprint has partnered with SignMore – so you can capture every opportunity to grow your business, in real-time.

Fraser Wilson, (CGO at SignMore), will be joining us and we’ll dive into the strategies and techniques that will help you redefine client success in real estate. We will make sure you capture EVERY opportunity that comes your way. 

You’ll learn: 

> How to capture every inquiry in real-time and maximize marketing ROI

> What exceptional client service really means in 2024 (and how to nail it)

> The things you can do RIGHT NOW to futureproof your business for years to come

Limited spaces: to secure your place, register for FREE asap: https://streamyard.com/watch/zuiwGEnEZrpi

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All our subscriber get 30% off their Best Value Plan. When we’re unavailable, we use It, so honestly, you all should give it a try. After all, real estate is about real people.


James & David