Major moves in 2023!

We didn’t wait long to make some changes for the new year. We’re so excited to announce that we have officially launched the Bond Collective! With more than $1.39 billion in total annual sales in 2022 and a team of over 50 agents and growing, this is truly an amazing collaboration. We’re honored to be able to surround ourselves day in and day out with such wonderful clients, family, and a team who makes this all possible

What does this mean for you? Our goal for 2023 is to take all this “collective” wisdom and put it into this newsletter. We want to share everything we’re learning in our business so it can help yours. We want to support agents at every stage, whether you’re just starting out or looking to up your game. While there are certainly no guarantees in the market, we promise you can rely on us to deliver information and insight that will help in your day-to-day.

We know our industry can be a rollercoaster ride especially right now, but we're confident that we can help guide you to your biggest year yet.

Cheers to all 2023 has to offer!

– James and David

NAR's top market insights for 2022

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The NAR released its Confidence Index Survey for 2022 and it contained some positive news about the housing market. Here are the report's key takeaways:

  • Not dissuaded by high interest rates, first-time buyers bought homes at the same rate year-to-year

  • 61% of properties sold within a month of listing

  • The average number of offers received on a house declined year-to-year from 3.8 to 2.3

  • All-cash sales increased by only 2% since the same time last year even as mortgage rates doubled

  • 88% of buyers opted to buy homes in suburban or rural areas

Our take

As we’ve said so many times, this clearly isn’t a repeat of 2008. Although it may feel like the market is slowing down, there’s still money to be made. If a home is priced right, it's going to move. Any agent can do the first 90%, but the last 10% is going to matter the most in this market.

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Top destinations for one-way moves

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U-Haul's transaction data for 2022 shows that the majority of its one-way rentals headed to popular southern and southeast regions, with Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas topping the list. Demand for equipment out of California, Illinois, and New York remained high, as more people opted to leave these pricier markets for more affordable metros.

Here are the top 10 destinations for one-way moves in 2022:

  1. Texas

  2. Florida

  3. South Carolina

  4. North Carolina

  5. Virginia

  6. Tennessee

  7. Arizona

  8. Georgia

  9. Ohio

  10. Idaho

Our take

Frankly, we had no idea this data even existed. If your market is on this list, that’s encouraging since you know there will be new buyers incoming. Add this information to your marketing materials when you go door-knocking or cold-calling. This is also great for sellers who might have been on the fence about selling. Reach back out to them, and be a wealth of information.

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Changes coming to Meta's real estate listing policy

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Effective January 30, 2023, Meta sellers won't be able to create real estate and rental listings on their Facebook business pages or their "manage inventory" tab. The free listings on the general Marketplace will still be available, along with Facebook ads for real estate listings.

Can you still advertise real estate listings on Facebook?

Yes, you can. The only real change is how real estate agents are allowed to post listings on Facebook Marketplace: instead of posting through your business page, you'll now only do so through your personal Facebook page.

Our take

Make sure you understand these changes if you use Facebook in your business. Social media is ever-evolving and has become a crucial part of our business. We use reels all the time for content, and we are seeing tremendous growth because of it. Make sure your marketing team keeps you in the know with the latest changes. Our friends at BAM broke down exactly what this means for your business, so definitely check out what they said.

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The news that just missed the cut

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Foundation Plans

Advice from James and David to win the day

We always say that agents need to define their personal brand to stand out in a crowded industry like real estate. When your personal brand is memorable, it helps you attract more clients and build a broader network.

Here's how to build a brand that makes you stand out:

  • Be consistent. Once you've decided on your personal brand, it's crucial to use it across all of your social media, email marketing, and print materials. Clients want to see consistency in how you present yourself as an agent. It makes you appear more professional and prepared.

  • Don't start from scratch. If your current branding poorly represents you or looks outdated, consider a brand refresh rather than a complete re-branding. Switching up small things like your font, logo, or messaging might give your brand a fresh feel without forcing you to throw out all of your current branding.

  • Be authentic. Don't chase a business trend or marketing tactic if it doesn't feel authentic to you. As yourself what you want your personal brand to communicate about you to potential clients, and stay true to yourself in your branding.

Want to learn more about developing a successful brand? Listen to Mauricio Umansky on Rise Above The Ranks. Apple, Spotify, YouTube

Just in Case

Keep the latest industry data in your back pocket with today’s mortgage rates:

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