In Retrospect, The Whole Thing Was Kind of Weird

When I was a little girl, my mom would tell me fairy tales as she’d tuck me all cozy into bed at night. I particularly loved the story of Cinderella—oh my stars and stripes! The beautiful baby-blue dress! The animal pals who’d help her get ready! The pumpkin that became a carriage to transport her to the ball! I loved every second of that story, and hearing about what happened when Cinderella put that glass slipper on her foot and it fit? To this day, the notion makes my heart smile.

So, I grew up with the dream that I’d find my Prince Charming. He’d sweep me clean off my feet and then he’d go to heroic efforts to find me after I had to slip away. Three marriages—and three divorces—later, I still love a love story and I absolutely believe the glass slipper exists. Only now I know my true glass slipper isn’t a lesser royal with a foot fetish, instead, it’s the home that fits me just right.

That’s why today we’re talking about what it takes to find your clients their glass slipper home, because love doesn’t always last forever, but the right home will.


One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Lately, I’ve been seeing memes from people who bought what they assumed was a starter home, only to realize they’re locked in for life because they are not giving up their 2.75% rate. I can’t blame them, and I’m real sorry they’re gonna spend the next decade trying to work around the one bathroom. Lately, with rates creeping toward 8%, your clients best be getting exactly what they want, as they’re paying through the nose for it.

So, what makes a glass slipper house for your clients? As y’all might have learned, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

However, you can’t steer them wrong if you drill down on the following:

  • Location: Obviously, it’s the cardinal rule. We all learned that in the first five minutes of class. But you have to remember what most people consider a fabulous location, i.e., close to transport and shopping and good schools, doesn’t hold true for all. Everything will boil down to your buyers’ preferences and lifestyle. For example, the nudists you’re working with are likely not going to be happy in a neighborhood with an HOA, or not a lot of tree cover. I guarantee there are buyers right now who are DYING to live highway-adjacent, because they want to cut down their commute, or frequently have to travel to the airport. Drill down on their preferences, and don’t default to conventional wisdom. For every murder house, there’s a true crime podcast fan who can’t wait to buy it.

  • Size: Um… size matters, y’all. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. But don’t make assumptions. Maybe you’re working with a buyer with a huge extended family. You’d think they’d want big and spacious, but you might just come to find out they don’t even want a guest room, because they want to keep their feckless relatives away.

  • Layout: Oh, my stars and stripes, I cannot say this enough. Every damn body thought they wanted an open concept until the pandemic, because they had no idea their home would become both the office and the school. And no one imagined exactly how many dishes would be generated when you had to eat every meal at home. “Doors, Glennda!” buyers would cry to me. “We just want doors!” People are often quick to forgive a bad layout if the house has other properties they like, but they have to understand that layout of a home is so important for functionality and livability. The rooms must be arranged in a way that makes sense for their needs, under all circumstances. For example, if your buyers are crazy in love with the third-floor bedrooms and first floor primary, it’s your job to remind them of the reality of how they actually live, with five kids under the age of ten and three large dogs, all of whom want to sleep within shouting distance of mom and dad.

  • Amenities: Not all amenities work for all people. Sure, some buyers are going to be super impressed with that sparkling blue pool in the backyard. And some buyers? All they can do is picture themselves having to clean the damn thing every weekend. That is, when they’re not busy playing lifeguard at the backdoor because they have a toddler.

  • Atmosphere: Can whatever the buyer doesn’t like be fixed, yes or no? The cosmetics are easy. Give me an ugly grandma house any day. What can’t be fixed is if your senior citizen buyers with the bad knees fall in love with a four-story townhome. Unless they want to bunch their lives into the first floor, or have the funds to install an elevator, it’s up to us to guide them to the place that works for how they actually live.

Remember, one man’s trash (say, a split-level or said dated grandma house) may well be another man’s treasure. You won’t know until you have those deep and probing conversations with your buyers. So get to asking!


When You Wish Upon a Star

The only thing worse than going through a divorce once is going through it twice. Going through a divorce three times? Y’all, I did not know how strong I was until I had no choice but to muster the courage to move out and move on.

Here I thought my future was settled, that I had found my prince, that I had finally checked all the boxes and had my glass slipper of a life. But no. No, ma’am.

I was faced with rebuilding my life—again—and I was determined to do it right this time and do it on my terms. I needed to start with finding myself someplace to live. I fully believe that my mom was looking out for me, because as soon as my divorce was settled, the house we’d both loved our whole lives came on the market for the first time. (I swear I am not making this up.) Since my days of being tucked in and hearing fairy tales, my mom and I loved this house. We used to spend every Sunday together. First we’d have breakfast and then maybe hit a flea market or a thrift store. Then we’d just drive, because no one loved looking at beautiful houses more than her. And this one particular house, it was special. We’d drive by it and she’d say, “Someday, punkin’…”

Call it what you will—fate, coincidence, divine intervention, but the place that I had dreamed of my entire life was suddenly available when I needed it most and the price was almost within reach.

Almost. But not quite.

I am so incredibly grateful that I had fairy godparents in this situation, otherwise known as real estate agents. And I am so thankful for them every single day. I swear to you, every morning I wake up and I open my eyes and I will look all around the room just to make sure that I’m not dreaming. Every day, I just think to myself, “Oh, my stars, I get to live this life.”

My dream home? Really was the glass slipper I’d hoped for, with every single thing I ever wanted, and some that I didn’t even know I needed. I love it. I mean, I love, love, love it.

The house was listed by HOME Real Estate agents Travis Reid and Michael Kriethe. They were a dream to work with. I went straight to them and I said, “Look, this is what I’m willing to pay for the house and here's the offer.” They countered back and I said, “I told you this was the number I was willing to pay, it’s my best and final.” I wasn’t playing hardball; I knew what I had and what I could do and that was it. It was a reach, but I had to try.

Now, all sorts of things could have gone off the rails at this point, but they didn’t, thanks to these agents. Even though they represented the seller, they went to bat for me; they got me what I needed. Then, when the inspection came in and there were some items that had to be handled, I went to them and said, “Look, I've got to get these things fixed,” because it was just me, all by myself, and no charming prince was coming to save me.

I tell you what, those agents went to bat for me again. The stars really aligned for me on this house because had it been some difficult pain in the ass, had they decided to be the let-me-make-your-life-difficult real estate agents, I probably would not have gotten this house and not fulfilled my mom’s dream.

Every time that I see them, every time I think about them, I almost cry. They have no idea the role that they played in my dream. How lucky I was that I had the opportunity to work with those who gave me so much grace at the time I needed it most.

What I already knew—but had the pleasure of feeling it for myself firsthand—was that fairy tales can come true when you put yourself in the right people’s hands. And that no matter what and for the rest of my life, I will move heaven and earth when it comes to setting my own clients up with their glass slipper houses.


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Buy the Jacket

Today’s guru is such a treat, y’all! I had the great pleasure of speaking with Mr. Christophe Choo, the man whose name everyone in the LA/Beverly Hills area (and in social media) knows because he is the real deal!

Credential-wise, Christophe is ranked in the top 100 Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Specialists. (Global!!) He’s also ranked alongside America’s top agents in “THE THOUSAND” by REAL Trends as advertised in the Wall Street Journal. He was among the first to embrace social media and technology and he is a massive influencer. And I am absolutely in love with his story of how a $6K investment led him to closing more than $60M in business. I’m so excited to share our chat with y’all, so let’s get to it!


Your New Mantra

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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